Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.14.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Congratulations to all the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge Competitors. I watched you all as you made changes and I am proud of you. Changes in the kitchen are the hardest things for us to change. I hope that you all learned a lot about eating healthier and plan to take what you learned and continue down a path of healthy eating.


RIKKI BOWMAN... Ran her first full marathon yesterday! She has been training hard and it is so awesome to see her accomplish this. When I see accomplishments like this it reminds me of why I got into this fitness business. Seeing individuals turn themselves into athletes and set goals and accomplish those goals is the greatest thing ever. Rikki is a great example of what it takes to accomplish something great. She put in the work and got her reward. Congratulations.This summer into fall there are lots of races and competitions coming up. This upcoming weekend we have Battle Forged over at CrossFit 1976 in Eagle Mountain. As of now we have Coach Navarro and Coach JoAnn and Shayne Day (Tentatively). I would love to see a couple more guys and girls join us over there. This is a great local competition. If you are on the fence and have any questions please text or call me and I will fill you in. Any of you would do awesome at this competition. Battle Forged ThrowdownNext weekend we have the Spartan Race out in Midway. We have a great group going there. I can't wait to run with all of you.Finally in July there is an Olympic Lifting meet over at CrossFit Hyperion. If you want more details on that please let me know. I would love to see us at this competition. I believe this will be my first entry into the Olympic Lifting Competition world (if all goes well).This week will be a blast. Saturday is cancelled due to the repaving of the parking lot but that just means we may be doing something Friday night? ;) Guess you will see. Also, you can't come workout on Saturday so you might as well compete or at very least come support our competitors out at CrossFit 1976. We'll see you all tomorrow.Coach Dan

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