Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.19.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon and Happy Father's Day!I first of all want to wish a happy Father's Day to all the fathers at The Point. You all are great examples to me and I thank you for that.We are one week down on the CSECFTP Challenge! I know many of you may be sick of seeing the hashtag out there but you want to know something awesome? Your hashtags are making people in your circles healthier. I have scrolled down your posts and have seen a ton of people who are interested in learning more about eating healthy. This was the whole purpose of this part of the challenge. I know for many of us, posting is daunting and nobody wants to be that annoying person who posts about food or working out but that's why it's a challenge and for those who do it... They get extra points! Don't forget... For those in the competition. There are numerous ways to gain points. Make sure you check out the full list so you give yourself the best chance.I am really excited that so many of you are in this challenge with me. For those of you who have been at The Point for a while... You know I am not the greatest at sticking to any kind of diet. This go around I am not only committed but I am also surrounded by all of you who are in this with me. Even though the posts become repetitive I love it because it is a reminder to me that it's not just me who is making changes but it is also a bunch of my friends.This go around is different as well because Erika has really revamped her plan to not only make it easier to follow but more delicious than ever. I have done her earlier plans and while they were awesome I felt like my life was spent in the kitchen. This made me not even want to attempt to clean eat again. It was just easier to grab a burrito on my way home from work or to snack on whatever was in the house. This go around, it has been super easy, even for me! So, thank you Erika and thank you to all of you who are in this fight together.There are two poster boards up at the gym now. If you are in the challenge your name should be up there. If it isn't please let me know. The top chart is keeping track of your clean eating. Remember that for every day of clean eating you get 3 points. The bottom chart is going to be your CFTP attendance. It is easier for me to count stickers than to search each individual account in box command... So make sure you put a sticker every date you come in and WOD.Last week we had the extra task of running 7 additional miles. It was really cool to see a number of you take on this challenge. For those who accomplished it please don't forget to mark your achievement on the chart as well. (it is the last column on the top chart)This week we are going to do an extra challenge of 500 KB Swings. The weight you use is going to be the weight you would use on a KB swing day.Finally, I just signed up for Battle Forged Competition that is being hosted by the Eagle Mountain CrossFit Gym CrossFit 1976. I would love to have a group of you join me at this comp. It looks like a lot of fun and last year our athletes did very well here. Right now we have Wheeler and I who have signed up from The Point. They have a scaled and an Rx division with very doable WODs.I look forward to week 2 of the challenge and another challenging week of workouts with all of you.Coach Dan

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