Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.2.2019

November 6, 2020

Happy June!Finally feeling a bit like summer! So excited for the changes that will be happening this summer at the gym and excited to continue to improve the gym for all of you.Friday night was awesome! I don't think that there are many gyms who could pull off what we pulled off this past Friday night. 2 weeks notice and we were able to bring in 50+ competitors and put on an event that ran smooth and was enjoyed by all. This is a huge testament to all of you and your willingness to volunteer and help out. We have the best judges and volunteers that I have ever seen. Thank you all so much for taking extra time out of your busy schedules to help out Friday night. It was so much fun and could be something we do a bit more of in the future!We get access to our new gym tomorrow! I want to try and keep you all in the loop as we prepare to move into this new space. I am currently building the different teams for the variety of classes we are planning to offer. On top of that, we will be doing a lot of work on the inside of the gym to get it all prepared before July 1st. I am so grateful for everyone's willingness to help out and I really do plan on using you, so be ready! We are going to need all the help we can get to get this up and running in such a short period of time. We want to create something you all will be proud of while maintaining what we have all helped build so far.That's one thing I want to make clear. With this change, one thing will remain the same. CrossFit The Point isn't going anywhere! Yes, we are changing locations but our classes are going to remain the same and all that is going to change is that we plan to make everything better. With this expansion, we are hoping to fill all the different classes and in turn be able to improve our equipment and add more variety to everything that we do. This will take some time and we hope you all will hang tight as we take this ride together. Keep your eyes out as I add classes to the schedule. If you have migrated to PushPress already, you will be able to watch the schedule change on your member's app as I add classes through the month. Once we get the schedule put together, we are hoping you all can help us market it and get those classes bumping come July 1st!When I think about this brand and location change I can't help but compare it to a new CrossFitter. They walk into The Point and they are nervous and anxious and have no idea what to expect. They have been watching things online and have been preparing for this for a long time but now that the day has finally come, they may start to second guess themselves. Then they come in and everyone at The Point is welcoming and helpful. They are welcomed with open arms and they feel like they have found a home. All that fear subsides and they wonder what took them so long to give it a try.We have been planning this for years and have been looking for the location only to be thwarted time and time again. Now that the day is finally here, while I am nervous, your presence and your willingness to help us make this move makes me feel confident that we can do it.Thanks again for making The Point what it is and for trusting me and my team to help you reach your fitness goals.Coach DanCoach LaDee's Spiritual Thought:"There’s another in the fire standing next to me. There’s another in the water holding back the sea.I know I will never be alone!"

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