Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.23.2019

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP,

One more week till the big move! I've got a lot of announcements about your benefits as a CrossFit member and also an early bird discount to get your friends in early for the Salute The Point this year! I will put all of that good stuff at the bottom of this spotlight.

Before going through all the discounts and exciting moving stuff I want to take this time to welcome yet another addition to the CrossFit Coaching Team!
Starting July 1st Coach Chad Colunga will be joining us full time at The Point! Chad will be coaching CrossFit classes while also adding 2 weekly Olympic Lifting Classes starting July 15th.
Chad brings a wealth of knowledge in not only the CrossFit arena, but also the Olympic Lifting world. I am so excited to bring Chad into the fold and can't wait for our members to benefit from his expertise. Here's a little something from Chad:

"Hey new crew, I’m super excited to join your family and I hope to bring a few of my own family with me so please help them feel welcome as I know they are as nervous as I am to make this huge step. Some of you know a bit about me already and have been in my weightlifting classes. But by way of introduction, I dipped my toe into CF in 2011, after months of rejecting an inviting friend. But one day I gave in and got my butt handed to me in my first workout. At that point I knew that’s what I was missing in my own globo gym workouts. I was instantly hooked and ended up helping that friend build CrossFit GSL in 2012. Later that year I decided it would help me break out of my shy/introverted shell to become a coach. For the most part it helped a ton, making me not nearly as afraid to speak in front of groups or talk to strangers. I am still a bit quiet and hard to read, so I hear. So please try not to hold it against me haha.
Well one day a fellow coach decided to enter a weightlifting meet with his basic CF knowledge of snatch and clean & jerk. That catapulted a few of us into weightlifting as a focus of CrossFit. We all started doing meets and coaching each other. By 2015 I decided I needed the USAW Level 1 weightlifting certification. We started our first Olympic Weightlifting barbell club and then started hosting the first outdoor weightlifting meet in the state (maybe in the country, prove me wrong). The meet ran super well and grew every year over the 4 years of hosting it. We have since split teams and started our own, Broken Record Barbell Club, which will also be joining The Point family.
As I grow as I coach I’m always hungry to learn more to help others get better and help me explain or dissect better. In 2016 I attained my USAW Level 2 and 2017 my CF L2. I do focus heavily on weightlifting but I love CrossFit and coaching its movements as well. As some of you already know, I’m a stickler for form, technique and standards. I prefer a PR in technique over numbers on the barbell or whatever the movement may be. I have herniated two discs in my lower back in the past, due to wakeboarding, snowboarding and then finished off by bad lifting form. That injury made it excruciating to walk for 2 months then 6 months to get back to old PRs. I have your very own Dr. Pat Garcia to thank for bringing me back from the dead on that one. So I have no intention of letting anyone get away with dangerous form on my watch. I love what we do and that we do it together everyday so I want you here the next day.
Coaching is a love and passion for me. Any cue that I give you to help you make a step in your progression is a “coaching PR” for me and I value those over any other PR I have. I can’t wait to work with each of you and help grow this already great community that you’ve built. See you soon!"

Like I said, I am super excited that Chad has decided to join us. We are very lucky to have him on our team.

Ok... Now down to the future of your membership benefits. It's been a learning curve on how we are going to incorporate the new classes and just how we are going to roll these out to you. The following is the pricing for added services to your current recurring CrossFit membership:

Add Unlimited Olympic Weightlifting: $40/month (OLY on it's own is $90/month)
Add a 10 Punch Olympic Weightlifting Pass: $75/10 Punches (OLY Punch Passes are regularly $125/10 Punches) (Previous punch passes will transfer over 1for1)
Add a 10 Punch Group Fitness Pass: $50/10 Punches (Group Fitness Passes are regularly $75/10 Punches)
(Group Fitness Classes include: Yoga, Boot Camp, High Fitness, and Adult Combat Fitness)
To add these additional classes, just contact me and I will get you taken care of.

As a reminder: If you want Unlimited everything. We have an Ultimate Unlimited Membership option that gives you access to all the classes we offer for $199/month. BUT!!! For the first month of offering these new classes, you as CrossFit members, can add every new class for just $25. This pass will run from July 15th - August 15th! This will give you access to every class we offer and give you a chance to try it all! This pass is available in your member's app under plans:

Day Care: We are having a third party day care come in who will do a wonderful job. This will be an additional fee to use and will be separate from Point Fitness. If day care is offered during your gym time, members will be required to use them. If children are still young enough to stay in strollers or car seats, they can accompany the parent's to the gym floor. NO CHILDREN WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE GYM FLOOR DURING NON KIDS CLASS TIMES.
The new day care is working on details and I will post details as I get them but starting July 1 you can rest assured, that there will be day care available. If day care is not offered during the hours you come and you bring your children, then your children will be required to sit quietly in the Member's lounge area. Nobody is allowed in the kid area outside day care hours.
This is a huge upgrade to our current situation. It'll be a place that your children look forward to coming to and I am excited to finally be able to have this available to all of you.

FINALLY! SALUTE THE POINT IS A GO AGAIN THIS YEAR! We will be running the Salute The Point referral contest again this July. It will be the same discount as year's past $199/3 months for your friends! So start getting the word out. Details on the referral prizes will be rolled out next Sunday.

BUT!!! I am giving you and your referrals a head start by offering a limited number of $150/3 month deals and when those run out $175/3 month will finish out the week. This deal goes live immediately and I will provide the links below for your friends to use. These referrals will count to your total for the contest and the prizes this year are going to be epic! So share away!

$150/3 Month Early Bird Unlimited CrossFit Link:

$175/3 Month Unlimited CrossFit Pre-sale Link:

Once the limited Early Bird special spots are sold out. Share the Pre-sale link through July 1st. Starting July 1st the official start of the Salute The Point sale will begin and this will be at the $199/3 month deal and these two deals above will expire.

This is perfect timing. I am so psyched that we are running this deal right as we move into the new building. This is an awesome opportunity to get your friends and family to come try our new space out.

I hope you all are as excited as I am with this move and with the future of CrossFit The Point and the beginning of Point Fitness. I am truly grateful for all of you and look forward to the upcoming months.

Coach Dan

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