Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.28.2020

January 24, 2021

Good morning Point Fitness/CFTP!

Be Grateful
So, this past weekend we headed up to Fish Lake for some horseback riding and fishing. We took up a fairly young horse who was new to trail riding and from the get go we new this was going to be a struggle. After we got her all saddled and I had mounted her, we knew something wasn't right. She got real tense and before I knew it... the horse was rearing backwards till finally I was on my back with the horse on top of me!

My landing place after being thrown

I was lucky. Very lucky. As I rolled to get out of the way of the now frantic horse, I started to evaluate my status. No broken bones, no open wounds, just bruises head to toe and some deep deep muscle bruising.
The reason I bring this story up is two-fold. First off, we need to live life to the fullest. You never know what will happen and we need to show gratitude with the lives we lead.
Second thing is that I am so grateful to be in the shape I am in. I believe because of CrossFit and the fact that it has kept me in the kind of shape I am in at age 36, I was able to come out of this with minor injuries. Granted, if I would have hit my head on that rock it wouldn't have mattered but the muscle gained in my quads where my saddle horn landed helped prevent a possible femur fracture at the very least.
In summary, take care of the body we have been given. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and continually challenge your body so if and when the time comes it'll be prepared to survive.

Summer Nutrition/Dexabody Challenge
On that note, I hope that you take advantage of the extra challenges that we put out at Point Fitness. The next one is this upcoming Summer Nutrition Challenge and Dexabody Side Hustle. To see details on this, please go here!

CSE In-House Summer Challenge
Go to the link above but in short, to enter this 7 week challenge, all you will need to do is buy a CSE Journal from us at the Point Fitness Store, take a before picture and follow 7 weeks of clean eating provided by the CSE Books.

Dexabody Side Hustle
In addition to the CSE Challenge, we will be doing our quarterly Dexabody challenge. The van will be at our gym this Wednesday, July 1st. Please go here and reserve your spot! To be part of this challenge, you will need to pay $40 into the pot for the winners.

Hero Week
Every year we do something we call Hero Week. In CrossFit we do workouts that are named after fallen heroes. These heroes represent the Military, Police, Fire Departments and anyone who sacrificed their life in the name of keeping us safe and keeping us free.
These Hero Workouts are generally long and arduous and one week a year we do at least one Hero WOD every day of the week. The week is this coming week, week of July 4th!
Challenge yourself to come in every day this week and fully complete Hero week. You will be sore and it will be a challenge but it will be a challenge that you are doing in the names of some of the greatest that have ever been.

Salute The Point Special
If your friends missed the special we ran back in May for the Covid-19 reopening... They have another chance! Every year we do a Salute The Point Special in July. It is a referral competition and will have prizes for you while providing an opportunity for your friends and family to give Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point a true try.
This post is long enough... So I will be putting out details to this promotion in a separate post but be thinking about who of your friends and family would be interested in jumping in on this deal and joining our Point Fitness family.

Thank you all for making Point Fitness what it is today. A place of acceptance and place where each one of us can work towards a common goal of health and fitness.

Coach Dan

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