Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.7.2020

November 6, 2020

Good morning Point Fitness!

Class availability
I just wanted to remind you all of what we have to offer each and every day at Point Fitness. I'd love to see you all take full advantage of what we have to offer.
CrossFit classes
Daily High Fitness classes
Burn (Bootcamp) classes 4 days a week
Barre Fitness twice a week
Myofascial Rolling on Saturdays
Youth CrossFit classes twice a week for ages 4-14
Corporate Private Training classes (If you have a company or group interested in this private training, hit me up!)
Olympic Weightlifting twice a week
If you are a member then you get discounts on all punch passes that you can use to attend other classes that aren't already a part of your membership.

Promotion Winners
The May promotion is over and our top referral getters are:
1) Jake Pugh with 3 referrals!
2) Aimee Smith with 2 referrals!
So, these were results that were submitted through email from all the new people. There were definitely a lot more who were referred so... While these are the initial results, I'm going to call them the unofficial results. I will give you all a chance to challenge these results if you believe you had more than these two. You have 24 hours to submit your referral list.
For those who do end up winning they will get:
1st Place
- First choice of one of the bags below.
- $100 credit to the Point Fitness Store
2nd Place
- The other bag.
- $50 credit to the Point Fitness Store
Thank you all for referring your friends. I love seeing all the new people falling in love with the fitness that we love. Remember that the first month of CrossFit is challenging so keep on your friends and keep them motivated so they can get through this first part and come to realize how it feels to be consistently working towards a higher fitness level.

Promotion participants
I want to reiterate all that comes with your membership for the next 3 months.
Nutrition Challenge
This has already began and a lot of you have jumped on. If you have not, look me up on the Glide app and I will add you to the group so you can see the details and get the accountability needed to succeed. @coachdan is my tagline.
Participation bonus
If you successfully attend 45 classes or more in your three month trial I will give you your 4th month free! I'm really excited about this because I know that if you attend regularly you will see progress and I want to reward you for that consistency.

Stay vigilant
As we upgrade our coronavirus level of readiness from orange to yellow to green I want to make sure we don't forget the importance of social distancing and sanitizing after ourselves. These are habits that I want to continue well into the future.
I have noticed over the past few days that we are forgetting to wipe down all of our equipment so please remember to do this. If there is chalk on your bar then it hasn't been cleaned.
Thank you for working so hard to keep our gym clean and sanitized. Our cleaning team is still constantly cleaning and providing clean rags for us to do our part.

Final Thoughts
With all that is going on in the world I want to state what is important to me when it comes to what CrossFit The Point and Point Fitness is and what we have always tried to provide to our gym community.
Since day 1 my goal with our gym is to provide a place where every individual who steps through the doors has a place where they feel safe and included. A place where for 1 hour a day they can forget about all the nastiness and stresses of the world. A place where no matter your fitness level, you are accepted as someone trying to better themselves. A place where people from all races and backgrounds get along and push each other. To me every member who walks through the door has always been come as you are.
As long as you treat everyone with respect and love, you are welcome and always will be. Circumstances change and people cancel their memberships for whatever reason but I have always been and will always welcome you back when you are ready to return. I try not to hold ill will towards anyone and show respect towards all who enter.
We are all dealing with struggles in our lives and I will always try and support my gym family with whatever their needs may be.
You all are amazing examples to me on how we should treat one another. Thank you for being respectful to each other and for always supporting our gym family whether it be in their respective business goals or their personal goals. It is so important, now more than ever, to have that group of friends who support and love you.

Coach Dan

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