Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.8.2014

November 6, 2020

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Spartan race is sneaking up! These peeps are doing work!Good Afternoon CFTP,I'd like to start out by thanking you for choosing The Point as your home away from home. Every week when I reflect on our box and our people I am humbled by what it has become. It truly is a home away from home for me and it is because you all are like my family. So thank you for that.As we become more established and we begin to have the "old timers" of the gym I need to ask a special favor from all of you. When you see a newbie come into the family I want you to think back about just how scary it was for you to start up at The Point. I want you to think about those first few months where you really had no idea what to think of CrossFit and to think of all these amazing athletes around you. You are now those athletes that these newbies see. They are intimidated. You know your stuff and you have your friends. From time to time it may feel as if they don't feel included because we have started to create our group of friends and they don't feel like they can break in. This is unacceptable. Every one of our members, new and old, should feel important and included. It is up to us as the "old timers" to welcome these people into our family.So I am going to put out a challenge to all of you to learn at least one new name this next week. I want you to take it a step further and friend one new person from the gym on Facebook. Keep yourself open to all the members and you will be happy you did.One last thing, celebrate everyone's accomplishments. A 10 pound PR on a back squat of 125 pounds is just as impressive and cool as a 10 pound PR on a back squat of 400 pounds. Sometimes we get so caught up in the "big" boys/girls, myself included, we forget what it took to get there. We forget that at one point we were barely getting a 300# deadlift or a 95# Squat snatch. Think back about how excited you were when you finally got that rep and now think back about how excited everyone around you was that you got it. Let's not lose that excitement for the accomplishments of all those around us.Now, onto some exciting things. We are preparing for our next nutrition challenge!!! Amy and I have gotten together and this is what we have planned.CFTP Summer Nutrition ChallengeWe asked…you answered…we listened. We solicited your feedback about what you liked last time and what you wanted changed for this new summer challenge. As a bonus, you also gave us some great ideas! So we’ve incorporated much of your feedback and hope you are as excited about this summer challenge as we are.First, you wanted sticker charts, points…oh, and a clear winner. Well, yeah, we threw away the charts before we knew who and which team won the grand prize. Our bad. BUT, we won’t make that same mistake again. We promise! We will stick with the sticker charts and have added point categories also (explained below).Second, you wanted all workouts to count not just WODs at CFTP. We totally get it because of summer vacations. However, we want to see all of your happy, beautiful, smiley faces in the gym. So we’re sticking with the 4 WODs per week at the box. However, we are also adding an extra “challenge” each week for which you can get more points. For example, one challenge might be to run an extra 10 miles that week. So even if you can’t make it to CFTP for all 4 WODs, you will still be able to receive points for working out that week. That’s a great compromise right?! On top of that, we will do benchmark WODs to measure your improvement.Third, many of you wanted a less strict eating plan. In our last challenge, there weren’t many cheats allowed and it got rather tough once grains and dairy were eliminated. Some of you were already eating clean anyway and perhaps didn’t want or need specific meal plans. So, we decided for this challenge we are going to do 2 things. One, we will have points for a food log. This helps you become aware of everything you are eating. Plus, if you’re already successful in doing your own thing, you simply just need to log in your food in a journal. For those of you wanting more of a “plan”, we decided to go with the Zone Diet. The Zone Diet is based on the idea that eating the right foods in the right ratio will help you achieve better health. The bonus is that technically there aren’t that many foods that are off limits as long as you eat them in the right ratio, so it allows variety for your taste buds, makes family dinners easier to plan, and puts you in charge of your meals. You can be Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, eat 2500 calories or 1200 calories – as long as you “block” your foods, you’re good to go. Rather than provide specific meal plans, we are going to provide you a list of foods, in the right “block” amounts, and lists of “favorable” and “unfavorable” foods to help you put together your meals. So we aren’t requiring you to follow the Zone Diet as part of this challenge to win, it’s just a way to help you plan. The proof of clean eating will be in the fat loss measurement. We ARE requiring a food log though if you want the points. :)Fourth, we wanted to be able to measure fat loss. We are inviting the Bod Pod to come to CFTP for body fat measurement. This will be an additional cost so it is not required, but you will receive points for doing it. Plus, it’s good to know where you are at for your own personal knowledge. Whew! Now for the details… This is how the points and prizes will work.

  1. Buy-in: $10 (same as last time). Bod Pod: $20
  2. There will be 6 winners total – one male and one female in each of 3 categories – fat loss, most benchmark WOD improvement, and most points
  3. There are 4 ways to get points:There will be a sticker chart at the gym similar to this:
  4. 4 WODS per week at the box (1 point per WOD – 4 points max per week).
  5. Complete the extra workout challenge each week (flat 5 points)
  6. Daily food log (2 points per day – 14 points max per week).
  7. Bod Pod (5 points each for before and after – 10 points max).

NameWeek 1Week 2Dan AdamsonOne star here for completing the challengeOne star here for completing the challengeUp to 4 stars here for WODsSameUp to 7 stars here for food logSameOne star for Bod Pod beforeNo star hereThe next Bod Pod star will be at Week 6

  1. We will start June 23rd and go for 6 weeks.
  2. Points will be added up every Monday night (so if you are out of town for the weekend, you can still put your stars up on Monday. Or call your best friend to do it for you)

More information on the Zone Diet specifics will come to those who sign up for the challenge. We will do an email list like last time and send out the info that way.So SIGN UP for the summer challenge beginning tomorrow – Monday, June 9th. We will take sign ups until June 18th! Get EXCITED! Can't wait! We'll see you all next week.Coach Dan

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