Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 6.9.2019

November 6, 2020

Happy Sunday CFTP!

It's finally feeling like summer! I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying this good weather and are using your fitness outside the gym.

Team CFTP at 65 Roses!

We had 3 teams at 65 Roses and it was so much fun watching and competing along side our Point Family. We really do have such a great crew at The Point. Thanks for the invite Coach LaDee. Not going to lie, I was dreading the competition a little bit... With the gym move and just life, I wasn't sure I should do it but once I was there and after I finished, I was super glad I did.

I think this is how we feel with a lot of things in life. We let our thoughts and our fears get in the way of trying new things. We let our busy lives handcuff us. We're so worried about what needs to be accomplished that we don't take the time to enjoy the work we have put in.

Every single one of us work really hard when we go into the gym. We're always sore and we're always pushing our limits but to what end? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Just like anything, I think it is important to understand our why. I started to list the reasons people do CrossFit but the list started to get a bit ridiculous. There are so many different reasons to why we push ourselves in the gym and what's important is your why. Not only understanding your why but also enjoying the fruits of your labor.

As I get older and my kids are at this young time consuming age, I find myself with less and less time to put in the extra work in the gym, so I follow our programming at The Point and guess what? Without any extra training I competed yesterday at 65 roses and then mowed my lawn right after I got home and today I started painting at our new facility and I feel great! It's pretty awesome that at any time we are called upon to do some physical activity, because we consistently CrossFit, we are able to answer the call!

Because you all CrossFit, you are able to live life to its fullest. Because you work hard day in and day out, you are able to live a healthier life and do more with your family and accomplish more every day. I am always impressed with the work you all put in at the gym. I, at times, program very difficult workouts and you all impress me every time. Not only with your willingness to take on the challenge but your mental ability to push yourselves.

With all the work you do in the gym, I hope you all are enjoying your fitness. Get out and challenge yourself. Sign up for a CrossFit competition. Sign up for a 5k, half marathon, marathon, Ultra, Spartan Race, Dirty Dash... Etc. The list is endless. Get out and go hiking! Enjoy this beautiful area we live in.

I am grateful that you all put your trust in our team to take care of something as important as your health.

Coach Dan

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