Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.10.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,What a great hero week. Thank you all so much for participating and completing this week's WODs. This was definitely one of the harder Hero Week's that I can remember. Who here is sick of cleans? ;). I love hero week and being able to read about the heroes who gave their lives to help protect ours. I hope you all took some time to read about each of the heroes we completed this past week.This was also an amazing first week of the "Salute The Point" Referral promotion. We have had 15 individuals join our gym through your efforts. I am so excited to see new people coming in and loving it. Thank you so much for spreading the word and helping build up The Point. Here are the current standings:We have a 2 way tie between JoAnn and Nate McArthur and Amy Merrill, who both have brought in 2 referrals each. We then have 11 other members who have brought in 1 individual.I love seeing everyone bringing in their friends and family. I love new CrossFitters. They bring such life to the gym. When I see them first learning the movements and struggling it takes me back to when I first started CrossFit. When I didn't know the difference between a clean and a snatch or the difference between a press, push press, and a push jerk. When I had no idea what SDHP or KB Swing or Wall Ball or METCON or WOD even meant. It's really cool to see just how far our members have come in the time they have been at the gym and how helpful you all are to those who are learning the same things you did for the first time.I hope that we can continue to share our love for CrossFit by inviting our friends into the box during this month of July but also throughout the whole year. I love seeing people make the decision to be healthier and fitter.As far as the winner of this week's like, comment and share competition... That will be announced tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing publicly our deal. It means a lot to me and I am excited to pick a winner for the pair of shoes, pair of knee sleeves, and Hylete shopping spree this week!The second week for the like comment and share competition has begun. If you haven't, be sure to jump on our Facebook or Instagram pages and share the Week 2 Day 1 post with Mower in the picture.The second week winner will receive:Pair of Metcons or Nanos from Universal AthleticPair of Workt Knee SleevesShopping spree at the CrossFit The Point store. $150 on any of the supplements behind my desk.The only way to win is to share, comment and like the daily posts with the Salute The Point deal.Finally, I hope that I received all of the orders for the Hero Week Shirts. If you have not ordered your shirt, muscle tank, or tank top and would like to order one please contact me before the end of today. Here's what they will look like: (The Black ones)


This week we will be maxing on two lifts and then next week we will be maxing on two others. The maxes this week will be the Back Squat and the Strict Press. Next week it will be the Overhead Squat and the Deadlift. I am excited to see your progress as we have now completed two cycles of the Wendler program for these lifts.Thank you once again for your willingness to share your love for our box. I really am grateful for all of you and look forward weekly to see your smiling faces (well, sometimes they are smiling. ;)) every day.Have a happy Sunday and I will see you tomorrow!Coach Dan

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