Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.12.2020

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon!

Stay Committed
As we get into week 2 of our Clean Simple Eats Summer Challenge and Dexabody Side Hustle, it can feel like all the effort we have made over the last week are in vain. We are at a point where our effort is at an all time high because we are making significant life changes but seeing very little result from it.
Stick with it. Habits aren't formed overnight and changes can be hard. Take it one day and one week at a time. If you had a weekend like mine where I went camping and basically threw everything out the window with nutrition and feel like my 5 good days this week were ruined, it's ok. This week is another week and we have another 7 days of meals to plan and a chance to restart. You didn't ruin your efforts by messing up one meal or even one day of meals. Focus on the good changes you made and make goals to do a little better this week.

Salute The Point Promotion
The deal is live! For CrossFit it is $199/3 Months Unlimited and for Group Fitness Side it is $99/3 Months Unlimited.
Here are the links that you need to send to your friends!
Group Fitness:

Like, Comment, and Share Contest
We will be doing a Facebook live tonight to draw out the winner to a new pair of shoes! This contest will be discontinued after this week and we will have another way for you to win a pair of shoes throughout the rest of the month. Stay tuned for details on that on tonights Facebook Live.

The big referral prizes are still in play... In case you forgot... Here is what you can get by bringing in your friends!

1st Place (Worth $500): 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit), Our Point Fitness CSE Package: 1 Simply Vanilla Protein, 1 Brownie Batter Protein, 2 nut butters and a Perk Energy. Your next month membership free!
2nd Place: 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit) and your next month Membership free. $100 credit to the Point Fitness Store.
3rd Place: 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit) and your next month membership free. $50 credit to the Point Fitness Store.

Covid 19 Positive Test Protocol
With the rise in Covid-19 positive tests we anticipate having members test positive. With this in mind we have the following protocols in place if one of our members tests positive.

What we ask you to do if you test positive.
If you test positive for Covid-19 and have been to the gym within the last two weeks, please contact me immediately.
Self Quarantine from the gym for at least 2 weeks or as long as your healthcare provider suggests to prevent the spread to others.
Take care of yourself.

What we do.
Once we get notification that one of our members has contracted the virus, we will proceed to go back through their attendance history that we have in our system. We will contact each individual that was in that person's class and inform them of the situation. WE WILL NOT DIVULGE THE IDENTITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL WHO CONTRACTED IT but will let them know which class they were in.

With us being a smaller gym community we have lots of advantages to the big box gyms or even the grocery stores and other places you might visit. If someone tests positive at one of those places there really is no way of informing other patrons of the possibility of contagion.

With us knowing which class you attended and the other attendees, we are able to notify those who may have come in contact with the individual. JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE IN THE SAME CLASS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU HAVE COVID-19. We believe that with the current social distancing and sanitization protocols we have in place at the gym, we are doing a good job to prevent the spread within our walls but we are still learning how this virus is spread so preventing it fully is difficult.

What we ask of all of you.
With this virus being invisible, please practice social distancing while at The Point. Only share equipment with those who you live with or spend time with outside the gym. IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK WHATSOEVER, STAY HOME!!! This is so important. Don't risk bringing it into The Point.

With the spread of this virus, there is always a chance that you will get it. Know those risks and we will do everything in our power to keep you safe while you are within our walls.

Love you all, let's kill this week!

Coach Dan

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