Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.17.2016

November 6, 2020

I would like to interrupt your Pokemon adventures with my Sunday Spotlight. :)Bear Lake was awesome but I am excited to get back and coach and WOD along side all of you. I love July because we get so many new people coming in trying out this thing we love to do. They brings such an awesome dynamic to the gym. I love seeing people doing things they have never done before and improve on those new skills.This past week we had two maxes. The back squat and the strict press. The back squat was incredible. There was such a high percentage of personal records. The strict press is always a tricky one. While the percentage of PRs went down I was very satisfied with the improvement you all have made with the strict press over this past cycle.This next week we will be doing two more maxes. Monday will be the Overhead Squat max and Thursday will be the Deadlift. I am super excited to watch you all max out on these two lifts this week. On max days you need to be sure to come in early and get warmed up well. You don't want to rush your max. We will have a WOD afterwards but I will give you enough time to complete the maxes to your fullest ability. It is up to you to get to the box on time so you don't feel rushed.The 3 month promotion has been amazing. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I know that JoAnn and Nate McArthur are leading the pack with 3 or 4 referrals already! The response has been tremendous! I know while I was gone Emily may have forgotten to mark who the newbies belonged to so make sure you come up to me and make sure I mark down your earned referral.Also the winner for last week's Share, Comment and like campaign will be announced tonight! Good luck to all of you who participated this last week. You all have been liking, commenting and sharing like crazy!This is the final week of the 6 week clean eating challenge!!! Congratulations to those who have been faithfully following this program and for those who have dropped off a bit over the past couple of weeks (myself included) we have one more week to get it right and work hard to finish strong. BE SURE TO MARK ALL YOUR STICKERS AND CHECK FOR ACCURACY. I will be taking the posters down Monday the 25th to count up points. I will also be checking all the posts, referrals, competitions, or events. If you have signed up for an upcoming 10K or above and are in the challenge be sure to tell me so I can give you credit. (10K or above would include Spartans, CrossFit Comps, Triathlons, Bike races... Etc) I will find out the winners next Monday! There will be a female and a male winner who will win the pot for their respective genders.Finally, a huge congratulations to Coach Charms and his Powerlifting team which included two of our members. This past Saturday Hillary Waldron and TJ Winn both put up crazy impressive numbers on their Back Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. Hillary lifted a total of 881 Pounds, 336 Squat, 187 Bench, and 358 Deadlift. Incredible! TJ hit a total of 1,306.4 Pounds! 444.5 Squat, 275.2 Bench, 586.7 Deadlift. Now those are some humungous lifts! I love our powerlifting crew. If you want to get stronger on these three lifts... You have access to one of the top coaches in the state every Tuesday night at 745 PM. It is included in your membership so take advantage!I've got some fun programming for you all this week. I am excited to see you all at the box. Get your rest today and come ready tomorrow to kill it!Coach Dan

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