Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.19.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,First and foremost I have to give you all my love. I am so proud of the CFTP family. This has been a tough week for all of us with the funeral of our young friend and brother Cory Swapp. Eric Swapp, Cory's dad, contacted me and wanted to let you all know just how grateful he is for coming to his aid. Once again you all came to the aid of your fellow CrossFitters and extended your helping hand. As of Sunday, July 19th, we have raised $4,223 for the Quit Trip'n Foundation in the name of Cory Swapp. I am floored by the response of not only the CFTP members but also everyone in the CrossFit community. I want you all to know that CrossFitters are there for you whenever you need it. The CrossFit community here in Utah is strong and when we come together we can do amazing things. The Point community is stronger than ever and I am so honored to be surrounded by such strong and caring people. I am lucky to call all of you my friends. Thank you so much for your contribution and also for spreading the word about the importance of creating an environment for these young people to go to. Quit Trip'n is doing a wonderful thing and I am grateful to have teamed up with them in this endeavor to bring peace and happiness to our local youth. If you would like to learn more about Quit Trip'n please visit their website. and we will also be leaving the Cory Swapp Gofundme account open for contributions through Wednesday. So if you have not had a chance to donate and would like to please go to and contribute what you can. Once again thank you all for your help during this time. Let's keep working to help our young people overcome their demons.


This is going to turn into a thank you spotlight but I have to continue to thank you for the support of the "Salute The Point" Promotion. We have added 37 awesome members! Jake Spencer sits in the lead with about a week and a half to go with 4 referrals! Make sure your friends and family know that this promotion will end July 31st, NO EXCEPTIONS. With these new members coming in you will start to see two trainers during our most busy classes. This is to ensure that you all are getting the one on one attention needed to continue to grow and progress. Also, remember how it felt when you first started CrossFit and continue to help these newbies out while they transition into this awesome community. You all do a great job welcoming them so please just keep on doing what you all do best!Be looking out for next week's Like, Comment, and Share Prizes. Should be a good way to end things out... Also there may be a sweetening of the pot for the referral winners too... ;) So be sure to keep bringing those people in. Top 3 are going to enjoy some awesome prizes.Coach Dan

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