Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.22.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,

Bear Lake was awesome but I'm excited to be back. I'm going to let you in on a little secret... When I am out of town or if I am off from the gym... I wait for the picture of the board so I can stalk you all a bit and see how you performed. ;) You all seemed to crush last week.

This week we have Kid's camp again! It all starts tomorrow at 10:30! Here are the details from Coach Emily!


We are all set for session #2 of CFTP Kids Camp next week! It will start Monday 7/23. Children ages 3-9 will be at 10:35- about 11:15, ages 10-13(+) will go from 11:15-12.

It’s $30 for the first child, $25 for any other siblings.$10 drop in fee. This includes any friends or family that join for the day.

We will sign everyone up on Monday when you get there.

On top of Kid's Camp starting this next week, this is also the final week of the Salute The Point promotion. Get your friends and family in before the end of the month! To hopefully help get the conversation started with your friends I want to give you next week's 5 entry post subject. For every personal post with the hashtag Salutethepoint you will receive 5 entries into the weekly drawing of shoes, sleeves and water bottle!This week's subject is:"Why should your friends join The Point?"I had a blast reading all of your posts from last week. Learned a lot about what you all have overcome and what you are able to do. Thank you for sharing! Here are the posts from last week. I hope we see more posts in this final week!

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Share your love for CrossFit with your friends and family and lets finish this Salute The Point month off with a bang! It's still really anybody's game... Nobody is really pulling away for the grand prize winnings!Coach Dan

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