Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.24.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,This week I am just going to be going over some quick announcements for this coming week.First of all. The end of the 40 day Clean Simple Eats Challenge has ended! Congratulations to everyone who participated. I am going to need your help here. I need the following things from you all. I need you to keep an eye on your Facebook messenger. I will be creating a group for everyone in the challenge. I need the following from you:-# of referrals you have. ( I have a list but this is just to double check)-# of competitions you have competed in or signed up for during this comp.-Also if you did the initial benchmark WODs (We will not be repeating these WODs)I will be counting up all the points and plan on having the winners determined by Wednesday!Tomorrow is a holiday and so therefore there will be a holiday schedule:We will have classes 6, 7, 8 AM only!Congratulations to Justin Pincock, Amy Merrill, TJ Winn, and Lindsay Winn for competing this past weekend. I am so proud of you all. I heard your form was spot on and you all killed it.This is all I have for today. Busy weekend. :)I hope to see you all tomorrow morning and I hope everyone has an amazing 24th Weekend!Coach Dan

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