Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.28.2019

November 6, 2020

It's late! But happy Sunday!

I want to hit the highlights so here we go!

First off, our Grand Opening is this Saturday! Woot Woot! Here is what we will have:
Free Classes of all our offerings:
Boot Camp
Combat Fitness
Kid's Muay Thai
Kid's Tumbling
High Fitness

Be sure to invite your friends and bring your families! We are also going to have a water slide and Food Truck! It's going to be a blast so please come out and tell all your friends.

I am going to be printing out a bunch of these fliers and putting them on my front desk. If you could, please take a pile and take them to your respective neighborhoods. Get those kids on the bikes and on foot and see if we can plaster our neighborhoods with the good news!

The second and final thing I want to announce is a new offering that I am very excited about and has been a long time coming. We've been wanting to offer Nutrition Coaching for a long time now and we have finally found our coach!
I want to introduce you to Coach Kim Trupp! Many of you may have seen her at our competitions over the years. She is amazing and very knowledgeable and we are so lucky to have her part of the Point Fitness team. Here's a little bit about her from Kim herself, and what she will be offering!

"I have devoted the last 20 years to helping clients achieve fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. My ideology of fitness and nutrition has greatly evolved over the years from strictly aesthetics to heavily based performance. Over time, I have landed somewhere in the middle. Recognizing that every BODY and MIND is very different and deserves individual attention. I love coaching. I absolutely love connecting with people of a deeper level to help overcome struggles and obstacles. I appreciate the opportunity to be here and hope to meet each of you soon!

*University of Colorado Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology 
*NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
*Crossfit Coach Level 1 & 2
*Crossfit Gymnastics coach Level 1 
*USA Weightlifting - Sports Performance Coach/Senior Athlete
*ISSA - Certified Nutrition Coach 

Program choices include:

Customized meal plan- 

A full 7-day Meal plan will be designed specifically for you and your goals. This includes unlimited meal plan adjustments, unlimited communication, and 2-Weekly accountability check ins. 

Macro based nutrition-
This includes calculating your personal Macro coaching plan, unlimited communication, and 2-Weekly accountability check-ins. 

I am available for Initial consultations or discovery meetings upon request or I also will be designating a couple of hours a week to come into the gym for this as well. "

Thank you Kim! I am so excited for you to join our team! I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from me very soon to work a meal plan up for me and Emily!

Coach Dan

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