Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 7.3.2016

November 6, 2020

Happy 4th of July Weekend!I hope you all are enjoying the extended weekend. First of all, tomorrow we will be open at 6, 7 and 8 AM for the WOD. It would be great for you all to be able to come and start Hero Week off on the 4th of July.HERO WEEKWhat is Hero Week? For some of you, this is the first year you will be participating in Hero Week. CrossFit honors fallen heroes and while we do them throughout the week we dedicate one week a year to these heroes. The concept behind Hero WODs is to keep these men and women in our minds and to keep their families in our prayers. The heroes you will do this week are individuals who sacrificed their lives in order to make the lives of people around them better. They lived lives selflessly and made the ultimate sacrifice. I love hero week and I am excited to share this week with all of you.For hero week this year we will have a pre-order for shirts. Steve Arnoldus has designed an amazing shirt and we are only ordering for those who preorder this go around. There will be a tank top and a regular choice for men and for the women. For the women there will be an additional choice of the muscle shirts like we did for Spartacus. Each shirt will be $20. The sign up page will be on my front desk all week so be sure to order them if you want them.SALUTE THE POINTSalute the Point is in full force now! This promotion is 3 months for $150. This promotion is a referral promotion and competition. You may or may not have noticed the posts from the last few days on CrossFit The Point's public Facebook page and Instagram page. When you see these posts be sure to like, comment, and share for entries into the weekly giveaways. I highly recommend tagging the friends you want to join in the comments. This first week we will be giving away a pair of Nanos or Metcons, a pair of Workt Sleeves, and a $150 shopping spree to Worth over $350! The more you share the better your chances.The second portion of this competition is for the most referrals. At the end of the month I will tally up the referrals from all the members and the top three will get the following prizes:Grand Prize = 3 Months free membership; Pair of Workt Knee Sleeves, $300 shopping spree to Hylete.comPrize package worth more than $750!2nd Prize = 2 Months Free Membership; 24 Pack of Kill Cliff; $200 shopping spree to Hylete.comPrize package worth more than $500!3rd Prize = 1 Month Free Membership; $100 shopping spree to Hylete.comPrize package worth $225!Why do we do this?I love you all as members. I know you all have individuals who express interest and the biggest obstacle is the price. Well, at least people think it is the price. It's an easy cop out. So, by offering this promotion we are able to break down that first barrier and be able to get your awesome friends in the door. At least give them a chance to give it a try.I am excited for hero week. I can't wait to see you all this week. There will be some tough WODs... I wouldn't want to suffer through them with anyone else.Thank you all for being so supportive of CFTP and for being so willing to share The Point with your friends. It really means a lot to me.Coach Dan

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