Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.11.2019

November 6, 2020

Good morning Point Fitness,

Week 1 with both sides going has been awesome. It's so cool to see so many new members come in and to see all of our current members trying out our new classes. The instructors have been awesome and I hope that you all get a chance to meet them and attend their classes.

Pic of the week: Coach Brenna and Riley Winn working during our Youth Muay Thai Classes


First my spotlight, then a few important announcements.
Today I'd like to spotlight something that I am truly appreciative of. As many of you may or may not know, since the move from our previous location, I've been a little off my fitness game personally. I had excuse after excuse to why I couldn't join in on a workout. i.e "I am too stressed out" "I have too much to get done" "I am too exhausted" blah blah blah.
We all do this to ourselves. Every one of us go through this. For some of us, it lasts a day or a week or a month and then there's some of us that allow this to go on for years.
Excuses are easy to come by and many times they are very legitimate excuses. Our lives are super busy. We all have so much to think about and worry about. I totally understand why people's health and fitness often takes a backseat.
So... what is it that I am appreciative of? All of you! I was reading a post from a local gym and ended up down the rabbit hole in the comments section (obviously never a good choice). But one comment stuck out to me. They said "Good thing I figured out that running is free and I don't need a gym to keep me healthy."
I found this comment interesting because for me, I do need a gym and a community to keep me healthy. I appreciate comments from the likes of Coach LaDee who isn't afraid to call me out when she looks at the board and realizes my name isn't up there. I appreciate going in on a partner day and joining Coach Marianne or Lindsay or Jake Spencer or anyone else who I team up with and having that push from my friends.
Getting and staying motivated is tough but when you have a community that expects to see you there day after day, it makes a huge difference. Point Fitness - CrossFit The Point is just that. We are like a family in the sense that when YOU don't show up, we all notice. We all need on another to motivate and to lift each other up. So even though I woke up today super sore and walking funny, I want to thank my Friday partner Marianne and my Saturday partner Lindsay for motivating me get over my excuses and to get back on the wagon.


Today is the last day to take advantage of the various Salute The Point/Grand Opening deals. Here is a quick list for you to share with your friends or to take advantage of yourself.

For current CrossFit members:
Full Facility Upgrade:
Upgrade to a full facility membership for only $25. This will give you access to everything for a month so you can try out all we have to offer. Click Here

For current non-members:
3 Month Unlimited CrossFit:
For access to unlimited CrossFit for 3 months for only $199, CLICK HERE.

1 Month Unlimited Group Fitness Pass:
For access to all group fitness classes for 1 month for only $35, CLICK HERE.

Please spread the word because these deals will be gone tonight at 11:59 PM.

As far as the Referral competition is going... After tonight I will collect all the referrals and compile a list of winners for the grand prizes! Any and all memberships count towards your total!

I finally put the sign up for the 3rd quarter DexaBody challenge on Facebook. If you are interested in joining this fat loss competition, please email me or send me a message so I can add you. You had to of gotten your scan in July to be eligible to compete.

Bring on the next week and I look forward to seeing you all whether it is in our CrossFit , Olympic Weightlifting, HIGH , Combat Fitness, Muay Thai, Yoga, Myofascial Rolling, or Boot Camp classes... Get in and get to work.

Coach Dan

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