Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.12.2018

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP!I hope everyone is having a great weekend.Announcements.First, a couple of announcements. TUESDAY 7 PM WE WILL HAVE OUR CFTP FAMILY POOL PARTY! This will be over at the South County Outdoor Pool. Go to this link to get more details and to let us know if you are coming! We plan to do an updated family photo at 8 PM!This is the photo from last year!

Specialty classes.We currently provide Powerlifting classes and Olympic Lifting classes every week. These two classes have two of the best coaches I have had the pleasure of getting to know.Coach Jeremy "Charms" has helped so many athletes set personal records in their bench, deadlift, and back squat. He knows his stuff and he works very hard for each individual who commits themselves to his program.Here's a little bit about Coach Jeremy "Charms" Clifford:

"I've been powerlifting competitively since 2009 and coaching various teams and athletes since 2010 including professional football and basketball players, national champion college track and field athletes, several national record holding powerlifters, high level Crossfit athletes and soccer moms. I specialize in strength and speed development along with sports specific mobility and injury prevention. My personal bests in competition are 677 Squat, 435 Bench Press and 716 Deadlift."Coach Chad Colunga runs his own Olympic Lifting Barbell Club and uses his techniques to help everyone to achieve success in the Olympic Lifting world. If you are looking to improve your Snatch and your Clean and Jerk, Chad will get you there.Here's a little bit about Coach Chad Colunga:

Chad discovered his love of weightlifting through CrossFit, which he began in 2011. In 2014 he shifted his focus primarily to developing himself and his athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. He has earned his CF L1 and L2 certifications along with his USAW L1, and is one of the few coaches in the state of Utah to also have procured his USAW L2 cert. Chad has participated in and coached several athletes in both local and national events, including the American Open Series, American Open Championships, and University Nationals. In 2016 he branched off from 3 Wheels BBC and began his own successful barbell club, Broken Record Barbell. Broken Record and its members are involved in many local weightlifting events and host one of Utah’s most popular and successful meets each year – the Summer Slang. He is very diligent about continuing to learn and grow as a coach & athlete, and truly finds joy in every win and success for each athlete he has the pleasure of working with.We have decided to try a new approach with these classes that we hope will help you all get the full benefit from what these two masters of their trade offer. Instead of running their classes simultaneously, we will take a 6-week approach that you can commit yourself to and fully invest during the 6 weeks.We will start with this coming week being an off week to get people signed up for Coach Chad Colunga's first 6-week Olympic Lifting cycle. The 2 day a week cycle will be on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:45 PM and will cost CFTP members $40 for the full 6 weeks. That's less than $4 a class! If you have friends who are not members but want to learn from Chad, we will be charging non-CFTP members $100 for the 6-week cycle.In the 2 months that Chad has been at The Point, we have seen huge gains for those who took advantage of this trial period. We are super excited to provide his services at The Point!SpotlightToday, with all the new peeps joining us, I'd like to go over a few rules/expectations that we at CrossFit The Point have come to expect and enjoy.Respect.At The Point we expect everyone to treat each other with respect. This goes for respecting all the other athletes and for showing respect for the hard working trainers that we have. We are all at different points in our fitness journey and it's important for us to support and respect other's goals.Cheer and Support.I remember a WOD I did a few year's back. I do a lot of WODs so to remember a specific one really means something. Why do I remember this workout? The reason is, I was in a class of probably 12 and guess what? I was the last to finish! Not just barely either. Everyone had finished well before I did. The reason I remember it though is the push I received from those who finished. When they finished their workout, they didn't start putting their weights away... They got up exhausted from the workout and gathered around me to cheer me on.There were points in this workout that I thought I might not finish but with their enthusiasm and their cheering I was able to complete the workout. It was just a workout but it meant the world to me to have the support of my fellow classmates cheering me on.This is something that I feel we all could do much better on. I realize that we are all there to get our workout in and to get fit but we need to always remember to cheer on our fellow CFTP family members. You never know how that could affect them going forward.Clean up and take care of your equipment.This one is very important. The equipment at The Point is your equipment. You're going to use it every day and it is important that we take care to keep it nice.Taking care of the equipment means that if you used it, you put it away exactly where you got it from. This also means that if you sweat on equipment, bleed on equipment, chalk equipment up, or anything, you clean it up before you leave. We have amazing cleaners at the gym but it is our responsibility to clean up our own messes and to wipe down our own equipment.Utilize your coaches and the specialty classes.Our coaches are well trained and willing to help but they can only help if you let them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how dumb you might think they sound. We are there to help you progress and to help you learn new things. If you have an injury or something bothering you, don't push through it, tell us so we can modify the workout so that you can give the injury time to heal. If you don't tell us, we won't know.We also provide amazing specialty classes from two of the best coaches in the area in their fields. Coach Jeremy "Charms" Clifford and Coach Chad Colunga both provide amazing specialty classes throughout the week and are very underutilized. As you see above in the announcements, we are bringing on 6-week courses with these two amazing coaches. Sign on and commit yourself. I can guarantee that you will see results.Our goal at The Point is to provide the best training possible and to help you all achieve your goals. Thanks for being part of The Point family and I look forward to seeing you all at our Pool Party on Tuesday night!Coach Dan

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