Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.18.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon Point Fitness!

Here are my Sunday thoughts for today. If you read my last week's spotlight then you will understand where I am coming from with my spotlight this week.

The good old saying from Sir Winston Churchill of "He who fails to plan is planning to fail." comes to mind with my thoughts today. Yesterday morning when we were having our CrossFit trainer's monthly meeting, we always talk about ways we can improve in the upcoming month. This can include as a gym and/or individual progression. We always come up with some great stuff and it really makes me appreciate the crew we have at The Point. They truly care about getting better so they can better serve you.

I wrote down something for my personal progress that I'd like to share to hopefully help those of you in my same shoes. With the change in my personal schedule with the gym move and expansion I have realized that if I am going to get a consistent workout in, I have to plan it into my day. Gone are the days where I will be able to just say "I'll get it in when I can."

When you have the attitude of "I'll get it in when I can" it leaves you open to distraction. It leaves you open to have something "more important" get in your way.

So, I am going to challenge all of you to do what I am going to do this week. Look at your schedule and make getting to the gym a priority. Slot out 1 hour of your day and make it a routine. If sending me this new commitment helps, do it.

Make staying healthy a priority. Take one hour out of your day for self improvement. That's not even 5% of your day! Let's recommit! This week is the start of the school year for many of your kids. It's a perfect time for you to put your workout schedule into the new school year schedule. Commit to your happy hour in the gym and it'll make the rest of your day better.

Coach Dan

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