Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.2.2020

November 6, 2020

Good morning!

"Get Fit, Save The Kids" Fundraiser

We raised $1521 during this fundraiser! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for getting loud to protect these children and to help Operation Underground Railroad continue this virtuous work. What an incredible event.
If you missed out on buying a shirt and would like to... You have until the end of today to order one and add to the donation total! Here is the link:
If you would like to make a cash donation you can still do that through the end of today as well with this link:
Thank you again for all the support. I am, once again, humbled by the generosity and fervor in which you all participate in these types of events.
Thank you all for the donations! I cannot believe how many talented people we have at the gym and your willingness to donate your time and effort to help the world.

Salute The Point Promotion
Due to the fact that I was absent the last few days I am extending the promotion period through tomorrow, Monday, night. So, if you have any stragglers who wanted to jump on this promotion, send them the link and get them in before the end of day tomorrow. It will expire and won't be available until 2021... so don't let them miss out! Here are the links you can send to them:
Group Fitness:

Train for Life

While you all were changing the world with your donations and participation in our fundraiser, I was up in the Wyoming mountains. It was incredible.
I am so grateful for the ability I have to enjoy these things with my daughter and with my family. We ended up hiking over 20 miles in the 4 days with more than half of those miles loaded up with a 70 pound pack on my back. I did not "train" for this... or did I?
Every day that I train at The Point is preparing me for the real world. There is no way I would have been able to accomplish what I did this past week without CrossFit. The functional training that we do everyday truly does prepare us for real world situations.
During this trip I had to carry a 70 pound pack 12 miles (Burden carries), bouldering from rock to rock (box jumps), throwing Scarlet from one rock to another (wall balls), throwing Scarlet onto my shoulders when she couldn't walk anymore (bear complex), and a myriad of other activities that can be found in what we do inside the gym.
You all work so hard in the gym. Enjoy the fitness that you work so hard to earn each day.

Bike update

Rogue is dragging their feet on getting these sent out to me. I ordered them prior to selling ours believing they'd be shipped out immediately... It's been almost 3 weeks and this is where they stand... I'm sorry for the delay but the wait will be worth it.

Coach Dan

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