Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.23.2020

November 6, 2020

What's up peeps!?

Fitcon Classic 2020
First off, congratulations to our competitors at this year's Fitcon Classic. Also, huge shoutout to the volunteers from CrossFit The Point. You all are always so amazing when it comes to helping out with these events. Thank you for your willingness to help out a fellow box member, Erik Bowman, to help him pull this off. I understand how incredibly hard it is to pull something like this off and it is impossible without people who are willing to sacrifice their weekend to help out. So thank you!
Also, thank you Big Mike! I asked him to take some pictures for us since I knew there was a chance I couldn't make it and I wanted to be able to see you compete in some way. He always comes through. THANK YOU MIKE!
Recap by David Martinez
I asked Dave to give a recap of this awesome event. I have loved seeing all the pictures and videos but I was unable to be there so I let Dave give us a run down.
"First of all I just want to give a huge shoutout to all the volunteers that represented CFTP at FitCon. I absolutely loved seeing your faces out there working your butts off making sure the event was moving as swiftly as possible. It was easy being a competitor this year in that we only had to show up and workout for fifteen minutes at most and then we could retreat to our shady tents and relax before the next event. The volunteers did not have it so easy as they were exposed to the elements and getting beat down by the sun for hours on end. You Peeps are truly amazing, THANK YOU!!
The weekend was fun and memorable to say the least. The amazing teams that represented CFTP at FitCon consisted of Jessica Simonsen and Melissa Boren, Karissa Jackson and Lindsay Winn, Eric Nelson and Brandon (Slim) Heaps, and TJ Winn and myself.
Jessica and Melissa impressed the hell out of me on the rowing, DB snatches, and Deadlift event. Their pulls on the rower were so strong and so consistent that it made those competing around them glance over every now and again. Needless to say that moving the barbell on those deadlifts was not even a challenge. That event was won on the rower and they crushed it!
Eric and Slims were a dynamic force that complemented each other so well. These boys were not going down without a fight, and boy did they not disappoint. Their determination, energy, and positive attitudes made every event so much fun to watch. How can you not get behind a guy that wears a unicorn t-shirt while competing.
TJ and I gave it what we had. We knew going into this comp that we were in the wrong division as our old butts should have been in the Masters division, but we knew we could give these RX guys a fight. Boy were we wrong! Just kidding. We had one strategy going into each event…”You paid half the entry fee, so you’re gonna do half the work!!” Needless to say we did not take a podium spot, but gave each event hell. I got to witness TJ PR unbroken sets of bar muscle-ups, PR on his handstand walk on what can only be described as lava, and do more rope climbs than I’ve ever seen him do.
Karissa and Lindsay made it the furthest into the competition. This amazing duo were part of the top 5 RX teams that got to experience the “Kratos” partner truck pull event, and participated in the Finals where they absolutely gave whatever they had left on that competition floor. In all the competition I’ve ever seen Lindsay participate in I’ve never seen her break her competitive focus during an event, until that truck pull event. We all got to experience her break character and laugh as she and Karissa pulled this massive truck. That basically summed up how we all felt about the day.
Lastly, thank you to all those that come out to support. Those that have ever competed know how much it means to have someone out there cheering you on. The best part about this weekend were all the conversations and laughs we had. This weekend was truly a very memorable experience with some pretty amazing people.
Love you all, and I hope to be able to experience and possibly participate in many many more events to come.

Message from Erik Bowman, Director of Fitcon Classic:
"CrossFit The Point has always been a family to me. I couldn't imagine six years ago when I started at the gym how many friendships I would gain just by joining a gym. But I'm here to tell you that in life and in my career the members at CrossFit The Point have made a major difference in my life. This year's Fitcon Classic was incredible. It had its challenges and ups and downs and overall wins. That being said, the real success of the event was the volunteers, judges, spectators and athletes and their great attitudes towards this difficult year and challenge. I couldn't have done it without the members of CrossFit The Point. I want to thank Dan and Dave for supporting me in my fitness goals and life goals. I wish nothing but success for everybody this year and if you ever need help with anything, please reach out to me and I will be there to help. Thank you again and I hope everyone gets some good rest."

Point Fitness Speed and Agility

Calling all teams who are interested in getting faster, stronger and more explosive. We have been working with the La Roca Soccer club to help their teams gain an advantage against their competitors and are looking for more teams to jump in. We have opened up multiple evening spots for a few more teams to come in.
Many of you have children who are in different sports and I would love if you would share this with your team managers to see if this is something that they would be interested in adding to their training.
What I will do is I will get with your coach individually and we will set up a program that will benefit each team specifically. I will even go to games and take notes so I can see where each team needs to improve. Hit me up. I have my soccer coaching license and have been the strength and conditioning coach for UVU soccer back in the day. I have missed coaching in this team setting and I am excited to be able to have the space and the ability to coach again.
I can't wait to get more teams into Point Fitness!

Once again, thank you to everyone who represented The Point so well at this past weekend's event. I really appreciate you and your great attitudes. I look forward to many more events with all of you and also watching as you all recommit to new goals and chase them every day in the gym.

Coach Dan

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