Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.25.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon Point Fitness,

WOW! I can't believe it's almost been a full month of running both sides of the gym. I have some thoughts from a couple of our trainers but before I get to that, I want to talk about upcoming changes in schedule and pricing.

It's been a learning curve for us figuring out what to offer, when to offer it, and how much to charge in order for it to be fair to you and to keep the doors open going into the future. With this learning curve, after a month of being open, we have decided to make a few changes in hopes to better suit you and better fit your schedules.

We have decided to cancel Youth Tumbling for the time being. If this is something you are interested in having your kids attend, please contact me so I can start to build an interest group and make it a priority in scheduling. We have a great instructor ready to jump in.

We have decided to change the schedule for yoga. For the time being, while we are building this up, we are going to move Yoga to the following schedule:
Tuesday Morning 6 AM and Wednesday evening 8 PM. We will also continue to have the Myofascial Rolling on Saturdays at 9:30 AM. I will have Yoga Instructor Amy Shawgo explain later what that entails.
These changes will take affect September 2nd.

Boot Camp
We have decided to move Boot Camp from 6:45 AM to 9:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This means we will have a 6 AM option on those days and a 9:30 AM option on those days.
These changes will take affect September 2nd.

Combat Fitness and Muay Thai
We have decided to change this from a 3 day a week class to a two day a week class. It'll be on Tuesday and Thursday at the regular times. (4 PM and 4:30 PM with Combat Fitness at 5 PM)
Wednesday will be canceled going forward, starting September 3rd. This will affect the pricing as well and will be explained below.
These changes will take affect September 2nd.

Those are all the schedule changes starting next month. This week will remain the same. Thank you for being patient as we gather feedback from all of you. If you have suggestions on types of classes or times that would work, please don't hesitate to tell me. I appreciate the feedback in helping grow these classes and make them more accessible to everyone.

Price Changes:

For CrossFit members:
I am really excited to extend this to all of our current CrossFit subscribers. If you are a monthly CrossFit member, you can upgrade to a full facility pass for only $40! This will give you access to every single class that Point Fitness offers. That includes: Olympic Weightlifting, High, Combat Fitness, Boot Camp and Yoga! When your first promotional month expires, you can find this upgrade in the members app.

Point Playhouse Membership
For those of you using our morning Daycare, Point Playhouse. You can make your purchase in the members app, as you see above.

More Pricing for Current Members:
If you are a current monthly paying members you will get the following punch pass options at a discount:
Group Fitness: $50/10 Punches (Regularly $75/10 Punches)
HIGH Fitness: $40/10 Punches (Regularly $50/10 Punches)
Olympic Lifting: $75/10 Punches (Regularly $125/10 Punches)
CrossFit (For Group Fitness members): $75/10 Punches (Regularly $125/10 Punches)
These are all available in your Push Press Members app as well.

Youth Muay Thai
With the classes being changed to twice a week, we needed to adjust the monthly cost. Starting September 2nd the new cost for Youth Muay Thai will be as follows:
Unlimited Membership: $50/month
Sibling Discounted Unlimited Membership: $40/month

Group Fitness Pass
I am excited to announce that with the Group Fitness Class pass (Unlimited or punch pass) you may now attend any of the following classes:
Boot Camp
Combat Fitness
High Fitness

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above changes. I can help walk you through your best options depending on what you prefer to do and your fitness schedules.

Coach LaDee's Sunday Spotlight
Great sermon today...y’all shoulda been there.


Talked about our relationships. Specifically our relationship with our neighbors and the entire time I was thinking about our “neighbors” in the gym. We underestimate the importance of small differences in culture. You can’t choose the neighbors you have but you can choose the neighbor you will be.
Culture is defined as any group of people that connect us together. In the gym, we have our own little culture that help define people, identify people and accept (or not) people. There’s a difference between acceptance and approval. Acceptance is about who you are, but approval is about what you do. We can accept other people even if we don’t approve of their actions.

This is true with parenting, with coaching and with just being “neighborly”. We can accept those members whose lifestyles might be different than ours, who arrive late, who rep shave, who are resistant to coaching advice. Loving conversations build on relationships.
Let’s have that type of environment at our gym. Let’s accept those regardless of our differences. Let’s encourage, let’s love and let’s grow closer as a Crossfit “family”. Remember when you invest in someone’s life, you earn the opportunity to invite them in to your life! Have a blessed week my friends!

Thank you Coach LaDee! We are lucky to have you as a "neighbor"!

Finally, I'd like to end with some education from one of our Yoga Instructors, Amy Shawgo. She is going to be teaching us about what MyoFascial is and the importance of taking care of it. For example... in our weekly Saturday rolling sessions. I am going to do my best to never miss a Saturday rollout session again! I feel so much better today and more ready to take on another week.
Take it away Amy!

One of the keys to having an efficient metabolism, improving posture, and reducing pain is by having a body that is in correct alignment. When your body is aligned you feel better, you move easier, and are generally healthier. It all starts with fascia.
Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that encases you body under your skin like a wetsuit. It is wrapped around every muscle, joint, organ and cell.
Medical science is quickly catching on that fascia is a major player in every movement our body makes. The fascia is also where the nerves and lymph nodes lie.
While fascia is incredibly malleable and thin, it’s also largely responsible for the shape of our bodies. Fascia is now being recognized for its importance in maintaining a healthy, fit, tones and aligned body. In 2007 that the first international Fascia Research Congress was held at Harvard Medical School, bringing a new awareness to the importance of fascia.
Fascia can thicken and harden which can cause all sorts of structural and alignment issues in the body. When you have a stiff shoulder, for example, often it isn’t damage to the muscle that’s causing it but a hardening or thickening of the fascia around the shoulder muscles and joints.
Injuries, stress, poor posture, poor flexibility working out and repetitive movements can pull the fascia into ingrained patterns and cause it to become dense and tight. Adhesions form within the stuck and blocked fascism tissue like snags in a sweater, and make this can make the body feel heavy, thick, sore, and rundown. The good news is that your fascia is incredibly malleable and has awesome self healing abilities.
Fascia is critical because it actually helps create the shape of the body. When it is healthy fascia is like clear Saran Wrap. Having healthy fascia is key to correct alignment, which helps you feel better overall, improve posture, reduce chronic pain and even handle stress better.
One of the best ways to help keep your fascia healthy is to roll out. The roller acts as a tool for myofascial release. The roller gets into the fascia much in the same way that a deep tissue massage does. Rolling regularly helps to lubricate your joints and reduce inflammation. It also works wonders on fascia by breaking up thickness and density that builds up in the connective tissue, at the same time rehydrating the fascia. Think of fascia like a sponge. When’s sponge is dried up it becomes brittle and stiff. When you add water, hydration, to the sponge it becomes supple again.
The fascia is also key to detoxification since the lymph nodes are located in the fascia. Rolling out improves circulation throughout your entire body, which helps to oxygenate the blood, boost lymphatic drainage and flush toxins from the body. Toxins tend to get trapped in the fascia when muscles are stressed (think tough workout) and when our minds are stressed. When you roll out, it may “hurt so good”, but it also helps to calm your nervous system, flush out toxins Improving your overall health and alignment.
In order to detox and support the lymphatic system (which is like your bodies garbage disposal) you have to work to stimulate it. One of the best ways to do this is by rolling out regularly.

Finally... My two cents. Below you will see my logging history in SugarWOD.

Last week I acknowledged the fact that my activity since moving into our new space has been lacking and as you see above... that was an understatement. While, during these past couple months I have worked out more than this log shows it is plain to see my complacency. I just want to thank you all for holding me accountable to my spotlight last week and encouraging me to join you more in your classes. I hit 5 workouts in the gym last week and while every part of me hurts, it's the best I've felt in quite a while. So THANK YOU for being my examples of consistency and my motivation to keep my word.

Coach Dan

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