Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.26.2018

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,Today we have a special guest writer, Coach LaDee Dangerfield. Before I hand over the time to her, I want to make a couple quick announcements.LockdownLockdown sign ups have begun and the first WOD announcement will be a week from Thursday! Get your partner... Still looking? Let me or one of our trainers know and we will try and match you up! Details about the Lockdown can be found on last week's spotlight!Sign ups are at the front desk! Already building up the Levels! Get signed up ASAP! It's going to be $20/team ($10 individual). All money will go towards prizes... There will be more ways to win than just winning your division!

Teens/Tweens ClassThis class will start Tuesday, September 4th at 4 PM! It will run Tuesday and Thursday every week at 4 PM. Get your kids signed up and spread the word!Coach LaDee Sunday SpotlightAs I was thinking about my life and where I’ve been and where I’m headed regarding my health,happiness and life, I begin to think about where all our members have been and where they are headedand thought I’d throw out some thoughts and insight.Everything costs something. Sometimes our lives feel out of control and we feel like we are either on amerry-go-round and can’t get off or we are spiraling down the drain with all the problems, frustrations,emotions, things that are out of our control and then there’s our own personal hang-ups. So what do wedo?Well, with change, control isn’t always a bad thing. You can let yourself stay on this path of frustration oryou can take control, just one step at a time. There are so many things in life that we feel are out of ourcontrol, but there is one thing you can control…YOU!Our health needs to be a priority. We can never “catch up”. We overextend ourselves which causes usto be overwhelmed which wreaks havoc on our body spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Healthyliving is not just physical health, but emotional health, relational health, and mental health.What healthy habits do you need to change to reboot yourself?Let’s try pick this apart and self-reflect:1. Understand your personal triggers. These can include triggers for dietary choices, triggers fordepression, triggers for feeling overwhelmed, triggers for feeling dissatisfied and on and on.2. Once you identify your triggers, write down ways to deal with them when they arise. Oneexample for me, I know when I get home at night and the kitchen is a mess and nothing hasbeen cleaned up, I get into a bad mood instantly. To combat this, I walk through the kitchen(kiss my husband hello :)) and keep on walking to my bedroom where I know I will find peace,relaxation, maybe a hot shower and time to decompress. All I need is about 10-15 min, then Ican come back out and my attitude is so much better.3. Create a new pattern. This involves taking little steps. Baby steps every day leads to miles ofsuccess. Maybe it’s saying “No” to one commitment a week. Maybe it’s committing to come tothe gym 3 times/week, no matter the cost. Maybe it’s choosing to drive past McDonalds, eventhough you are starving, because you know if you eat a healthy dinner, you will feel so muchbetter physically.It’s time to rediscover, rejuvenate and recover your mind, body and spirit.Thank you Coach! Words to live by!

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