Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.28.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,First off... If you haven't heard, we have switched up the divisions for the Lockdown that starts this Wednesday! I have created three divisionsTier 1This division is for all newbies who have been doing CrossFit for less than 6 months. My goal with this division is to get all of our newer athletes the chance to compete and be in a division that you will be going up against athletes who are at a similar level as you are. This will also give me a chance to create workouts that better suit your ability level. If you are new please sign up. I know you will really enjoy it.Tier 2This will most likely be our biggest division. This division is available to everyone who doesn't fit into either tier 1 or tier 3.Tier 3This one would be considered the Rx or Comp level. We created this division so we can get more creative on our workouts and challenge those of you who are ready for a little heavier weights and a little higher skilled movements. If you are generally Rxing all the workouts and from time to time jump into the Comp level on the workouts, when they are available, then you should be in this division.If you are unsure I can help you figure out which division you should be in. The goal of lockdown is for us to get together and enjoy a healthy competition together. This year is special as well since our proceeds will be going to help the Warrior Camp which is put on for veterans who have PTSD. It is something that is close to my heart and I am proud to be able to help sponsor it with the Lockdown proceeds. Here is the link to sign up.The second thing I would like to talk about is some rules of CFTP. First section we'll talk a bit about equipment. Then the second part is behavior.As you may have seen from my Facebook posts we have added quite a bit of equipment. Our goal at The Point is to always provide you with the best equipment available. We believe in reinvesting into our gym. With this in mind we need your help. This equipment is your equipment. I need your help to keep it nice and in good working order. For as long as you are a member at The Point you will be using the barbells, the plates, the rowers and bikes, the wall balls, and everything else. In order to do this I need you to keep the following in mind.


Bar Usage

As you can see from this awesome picture... We have now painted the end of a few bars. These bars have restrictions on how they are used. In my last order I ordered 5 new women's bars and 2 new men's bars... The reason I had to order so many women's bars is because of the condition of our current bars. These women's bars are not made for a lot of weight and/or to be used on the racks. So, the rules will be as follows:If painted pink: These bars are not allowed to be used on the racks and must be stored standing up. These bars will not be used to deadlift over 200 pounds. The only exception for putting 200+ pounds on this bar would be if you are a lady and you are either cleaning more than 200 pounds or snatching over 200 pounds. By putting high weights on this bar you are ruining the spin on the bar and you are also bending the bar.If painted green: Only rule if painted green is that they will be stored standing up.


Kids and Equipment

I love that you all can bring your kids to the gym but we need to start cracking down on how they must behave. We finally got up a second line of defense with the gate by the entry. Your kids must stay behind this gate. This rule applies the whole time they are at the gym. Even if class is over, please don't let your kids wander aimlessly around the gym. This is for their safety and for the safety of the athletes. Please make this clear to your children.

Also, as you can see in the above picture. Notice who are on the bikes... Adults. I have moved the bikes and the rowers on the turf. I trust that you all can keep your children off of these. I've had way too many kids hurt themselves on the rowers and the bikes. KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON A BIKE OR A ROWER or any other piece of equipment. It is not the trainer's responsibility to keep them off. Please tell your children.

The CFTP Difference

What makes CrossFit The Point different? We do certain things that create an atmosphere of success and perseverance. We are a family at The Point. We also are dedicated to making sure each time you come into The Point you leave having learned something new and you leave moving better and more efficiently.

We are a team

We are a team at The Point. When you join a class, that class is your team. For that hour you all are in it together. What does this mean? This means that class isn't over until the whole team is done. There are many WODs that are done "for time". This means that we all will be finishing at different times throughout class. If I am in the middle of a WOD that has a 20 minute cap but I finish at 12 minutes that doesn't mean it is time for me to put everything away and head out the door. That means I either lay there in pain for the next 8 minutes or I get up and cheer on my team for the remaining time.

This reminds me of an experience I had. I joined one of our early morning classes and in this WOD there were heavy overhead lunges that were really kicking my trash. As I was going through this WOD I soon realized I was going to be the last one done. Nobody likes to be the last one done in a WOD but it was going to happen. I just kept working as I saw everyone falling to the ground as they finished this hellish WOD. Then something happened that meant so much to me. Rather than my team grabbing their boxes and bars and cleaning up they all gathered around me and they cheered me on. At first I was embarrassed because I was the last one working but without their motivation I would have never finished that WOD. My team and myself finished the WOD together.

Don't leave your teammate behind.

Do the Work

One of my biggest pet peeves is rep and movement shavers. Those people who decide that 8 reps is enough when the workout calls for 10 or when they decide that half squats will do when they know that the standard is below parallel.

In our midst, there are rep shavers. If you think you are getting away with it... You are wrong. Every trainer and many of the athletes around you know you are cutting reps. We don't bring it up because what would be the point? If you are one of them then just stop. What does rep shaving do? Rep shaving does two things. One, it pisses off every other athlete in your class. When you push as hard as you can and know that you are beating a certain person then all the sudden they are done... And you know they didn't do all the work. It cuts into the team atmosphere. While I know we are only competing against ourselves, we all have that rabbit we are chasing and when that rabbit takes shortcuts it is frustrating.

The second thing it does, which in my opinion is much worse, is it makes it so you can't track your progress. If you cut reps on an earlier WOD and we had a repeat of that WOD... You have no idea where you stand. It reminds me of a quote from Gary Johnson, currently running for President. He makes a little jab at other politicians when he says "You don't have to remember anything when you tell the truth".

If you are always doing the work as prescribed in the workout and you are always doing the full range of motion and all the reps then when you get retested on it you will know for sure that your score is legit and you can truly test yourself to see if you have improved.

Be honest with yourself and do the work. Being number 1 on the board is great but completing the task that is asked of you 100 percent is even better.

I have a few more that I wanted to go through today but I think this is enough for this week. I freaking love all of you. Thank you so much for those of you who made it in on Saturday night to help get the gym ready for this week. I seriously could not have got it done without you. You have until Wednesday to get signed up for the Lockdown. Get your partner today and get signed up! I love the lockdown and I can't wait to watch you all take on the challenges we are going to throw at you.

Coach Dan

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