Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.30.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Morning!


Lots to go through today. First and foremost I want to say how proud I am of our three teams that competed yesterday at CrossFit Timpanogas. It was a great event with some great programming. It was a testament of just how far all of you have come. The competition in both divisions was very high with regional athletes scattered throughout. Our three teams held their own and finished strong.Shayne, Coach Nate and Kindra ended up in 4th place. They started out strong with a second place finish in the first WOD and then took 3rd in the second WOD putting them in the #1 spot going into the final two WODs. The final two WODs brought up some weaknesses and fatigue and pushed them into 4th by the end. The only teams that they lost to had regional athletes and although it is hard to give up a lead it was an amazing finish by three incredible athletes. Can't wait to see future events with these three athletes.As I said, the event was stacked with high level athletes and our second Rx+ team ended up in 11th. Coach Dave, Zach and Rachelle were really quite amazing. They complimented each other well and really performed at a very high level.Our final team were in the Rx division and were very consistent with finishes of 7th, 4th, and 5th. This put them in 7th overall at the end. Steve, Jess, and Leslie were a phenomenal team to watch. Leslie put up the top girl's weight in the complex for the Rx peeps putting up 150#! This was a great learning experience for these athletes. I know learned a lot about themselves in the process.It really was a great Saturday. I love seeing just how far our athletes have come. In the past we would always participate in these comps but now we are getting competitive in these comps. We are catching up and looking strong. It's very exciting for me to see. Huge shoutout to all the cheerleaders. We definitely had the biggest following there cheering on our competitors. I am always so impressed with everyone who sacrifices part of their day to come cheer on their teammates.



Ok... Now onto the upcoming Lockdown. So far many of you have signed up but there are still many of you who have not. Hopefully with providing some details below, it will help you all get on board.What is the CFTP Lockdown? The Lockdown is a chance for all of us at The Point to get together and challenge ourselves in a partner competition. This competition will be performed over 4 weeks starting next week. Every week I will announce a WOD to be performed by you and your partner (male/male, female/female). You will have until Saturday to complete it. The WOD will be announced on Wednesday of every week except for the first week where it will be announced on Sunday due to the Hyperion Games Competition running on Saturday. On every week besides the first week we will have a throw down on Saturday for anyone who would like to have the competitive atmosphere to complete the WOD. If you can't make it on Saturday then you and your partner can complete the WOD at anytime after the WOD is announced but must be done before Saturday night.What divisions are there? There is going to be an Rx division and a scaled division. I will release some of the suggested levels you will need to be at in order to compete in the Rx division below.Rx Division:

Men's Recommendations:

-pull-ups, toes to bar, pistols, minimum 300# deadlift, (ring muscle ups will be a plus)

Women's Recommendations:

-pull-ups, toes to bar, pistols, minimum 200# deadlift, (bar muscle ups will be a plus)

Scaled Division:

Men must be able to do the following:

-deadlifts @185

Women must be able to do the following:

-deadlifts @125

These are recommendations which means as long as one of your athletes in your team can do them you should be able accomplish the comp at that level. Challenge yourself. You are strong and here's your chance to prove to yourself that you can do hard things.

Clean Eating Challenge

Along with the weekly WODs there will be an additional way of receiving points for your team. We will be doing a clean eating challenge. It will be an elimination challenge. We will be eliminating the junk in people's diets, but not so strict as to go Paleo. We will eliminate dairy and gluten which are the most recognized allergens (causing inflammation in some people). So you will still have some freedom in what you eat but it won't be drastic changes in calories or hurt your performance. We will also do an optional add-in that's more holistic nutrition or overall health.

How to Compete

In order to compete you will need to find a partner and sign up on the back whiteboard before this Saturday. Once you sign up your account will be charged $25. You are more than welcome to bring in cash if you'd rather pay that way. There is also another option, if we are unable to find you a teammate (if you can't find one let me know and I will do my best to team you up with someone) or if you just want to do the nutrition challenge, then you can pay $20 and do the nutrition challenge on your own.

For the nutrition challenge Amy Robinson will be providing advice in the weekly spotlights and also food options. We will also have a chart at the gym where you will place a sticker next to your name for every day you are 100%. Points will be awarded to your team if you stick to the diet. Obviously this is an on your honor system but we don't have any cheaters in our midst right?! ;)


Once we know how many are joining us for this challenge we will announce what the winners will get. We will be providing at a minimum first and second place prizes for each division and also prizes for those who go 100% on the nutrition challenge (this may be a raffle style depending on how many go 100%). If you want a hint as to what the prizes could be then take a look at the prizes given away during our Salute The Point Promotion! (met cons, Nanos, Knee Sleeves, Hylete gear, etc)

I can't wait for all of you to compete. We did this earlier in the year and it was really cool to see everyone do something they never thought they could. We progress when we get outside our comfort zones. Prove to yourself what I already know, you are strong.

Thank you again for creating an atmosphere where we all can progress and thrive together.

Coach Dan

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