Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.30.2020

November 6, 2020

Good Morning!

Ongoing Effort
We've been open now 4 months since the shutdown and it has been awesome! Having everyone back has been so nice and it has been much needed. I need all of you in my life.
With that said, as we get further along the Corona path, we will have a tendency to get more and more lax with our social distancing and cleaning up after ourselves. I just want to remind you all to continue to be vigilant so that we can enjoy the gym and no matter who attends, we all feel comfortable. We all stand at different spots on the corona spectrum and while some of us may feel fully comfortable with being close and high fiving, there are some of us who may not feel that way. So be sure to be cognizant of others and respect each other no matter where you and them may stand.

Babysitting by committee
In an effort to continue to be able provide babysitting for the 8:30 and 9:30 AM classes, we have come up with a solution but this will only work if everyone is on board.
Starting this week, we will all be pitching in to cover the babysitting upstairs. With this, I will be discontinuing charging for kid care. How it works is that you will take one shift for each child you have that uses Point Fitness Kid Care per month.
If you use the morning kid care, please go to this link:
Right now we currently have some shifts taken but for this upcoming week, we still need someone to cover Wednesday-Friday.
IF you absolutely cannot cover your shift(s) then please let me know. We will make it work for you. With two young children, I understand the need for this service and I want to ensure that you are able to get your hour of fitness in everyday. So don't let this deter you. Just let me know and we will figure things out.

September Incentive
This month, to continue to incentivize and award you for referring your friends, we will be offering the following:
1) For each new person who signs up for the gym, you will receive 25% discount off your upcoming membership fees.
2) To help you motivate your friends to try us out... All new members who join in the month of September, will receive 50% off their first month.
This is only eligible to new members who have not been at The Point or used any promotions at The Point in the past 6 months.

Thank you all for your support as we try to rebuild our gym and keep things going. This year has been challenging and we appreciate all the support we receive from all of you.


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