Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.31.2014

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,So happy to be writing to you all this week. Great things are happening at The Point. We are working through the surveys and making The Point for our members because that is why it was established and that is why it is succeeding. One item at a time we will work to improve and always strive to make CFTP the best place to workout for all of you.One thing that I am very excited about is that my training team and I have been putting our heads together to meet the goals of our members through our programming. Many have requested a more transparent and easier to follow strength program. While we have always followed a strength program this one will be a bit different. The reason being is that we are going to put out our strength programming a month in advance so you all can know what to expect. WODs will still be announced the night before but you will know your SWOD in advance. I am hoping that by doing this you all can plan and prepare for max days and also so you can see the method to the madness.Another exciting thing is that we are getting new BELLA BARS! 5 new 35# ladies bars will be arriving tomorrow! Like I said; we are creating this gym to fit our member's needs. With this in mind I have a couple of requests for all of you. Since this is your gym I want you all to treat it that way. What I mean by this is that these bars are the bars you use everyday. These pullup stations, these kettle bells, these weights, and everything else in the gym is your equipment. Please treat it that way. There is always going to be everyday wear and tear on equipment but we want to provide the best equipment and environment we can and we need your help to do it. This also goes for the front entrance area and kid's room as well. I shouldn't have to fish out rotten apple cores from under the couch... Please pick up after yourself and your kids. Let's work together to make this the best environment possible for all of us to workout in.Thanks again for all your hard work and effort. Please don't forget to check out our two newest spotlights; Leslie Faragher and Sara Hiatt found on this page: ready for tomorrow... Hope it won't be "fatal' ;)Happy Labor DayCoach Dan

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