Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.5.2018

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,Who watched the 2018 CrossFit Games?! So awesome! I love watching all of these fit peeps competing for the fittest on earth.One thing came to my mind while watching The Games that I wanted to share. In the games and in all competitions, the director or the creator of the workouts will generally put a time cap on the workouts. The Games weren't any different and there was always a time cap on each workout and guess what? Athletes capped! The greatest athletes in the world didn't finish some of the workouts under the cap that was set out.The reason this stood out to me is because when I am collecting scores after a workout and an athlete or two or three had capped, there is a sense of failure when they are giving me their scores. It's almost as if, because they capped, they had failed in some way. No athlete should feel this way! The best of the best fail to complete workouts too. It happens. It doesn't change the fact that you gave 100 percent and pushed yourself as hard as you could during the workout.Now, if you cap and feel you could have given a little more effort and pushed a little harder, then that is another story.Every day that you come into The Point, I hope you push yourself as hard as you can. Give your 100 percent and be proud of the work you put in. Don't ever compare yourself to others. If you gave your best effort, then that is all myself or any of my coaches could ask for.I hope you all gained some inspiration by watching the awesome athletes compete over the past 5 days. I know I have and I am ready to hit the ground running this week. See you in the box!Coach DanAnnouncements:I will be announcing the week 4 social media winner tonight! I will also announce the 3 winners of our referral contest! There's a twist to the story on this one and if you referred two people over the month of July... You better be watching!

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