Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.9.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,I've been out of town for the last few days and came back to see some really amazing things going on at the gym. It is so great that I am able to leave for a bit and come back to awesome progress from you members.I want to dedicate this spotlight to the trainers of CFTP. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such dedicated trainers who work hard the full hour you are there. I know their main goal is to make you stronger and fitter. We are lucky to have trainers who are willing to take personal time to sit down with each of us members individually and work on our personal weaknesses. I know this doesn't happen everywhere and I want to publicly thank my trainers for their extra effort.I want you members to know that you can go to any one of the trainers and ask for extra help at any time. That is what we are there for. I talk with my trainers regularly and you better believe that when you PR or when you progress the only person more excited about that PR or progression than you is your CFTP Trainer. When we talk about each of you individually their eyes light up when we talk about so and so's muscle up or so and so's snatch PR or so and so's marathon PR. Nothing makes me or my trainers happier than knowing that the work that you are putting in and that we are coaching is paying off.I want to give you newbies a piece of advice as you become accustomed to what CrossFit is and what The Point is all about. DON'T GIVE UP. I know it can seem hard and frustrating at times. I know that it can seem confusing as you become familiar with the lingo and with the atmosphere. Know that we are all here for you and want you to succeed. You need to be consistent in your attendance. Don't be a cherry picker of WODs... Only choosing the workouts that you are comfortable with or used to. Let yourself break through that comfort zone. We program certain WODs to help you in your progression. We program with all of you in mind. We believe in our programming and I know that if you consistently attend The Point and listen to the trainers you will progress and you will meet your goals.All new members to The Point will be receiving an email from me later today and I want you all to share with me your goals. I want to get to know your backgrounds and what your plans are. I take my position as owner of The Point very seriously and want to know you and what you expect to get out of attending The Point. I can't wait to see you all progress and I can't wait to work with you towards your individual goals.Coach Dan

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