Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 8.9.2020

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon!
If you follow me on Facebook, I'm sure you have heard of my adventures up at Wind Rivers, Wyoming but I thought that there were some valuable lessons that I learned from my 4-year-old that I wanted to pass along today.
At first, I was going to make this trip by myself with my brother and his family. I figured it would be too much for Scarlet. As we were planning things out I decided to let Scarlet decide. She said she wanted to go. So I made a deal with her, if she could make it on a certain hike then she could come. She took on the challenge and earned her way onto the 4 day trip.

I am just going to share one experience while she was up there with me. On day 2 we went on a hike up to Jackass Pass. We were told that the trip would be 1.6 miles up and a total of 3.2 round trip. I thought this would be hard for Scar but doable so we headed out. We hit the 1.6 mark and realized we had only made it halfway! So I gave Scarlet the choice. I allowed the rest of my group to go ahead so she didn't feel any pressure from staying with the group and let her decide if she wanted to continue. She decided "Let's do it!"

I'm not going to say it was rainbows and unicorns on the way up because it wasn't. Scarlet really struggled. We had one moment after a particularly steep hill where we sat down and I once again asked her if she wanted to turn back. With tears in her eyes and after about a 20 minute break, she responded, "No! I want to keep going." So we proceeded.

We got to the final hill and I could tell she was just done. At the sign you see above, I told her it was up to her... She saw some snow and said she wanted to touch the snow... I promised her that if she made this last hill, we would find some snow for her to touch. That was motivation enough for her to finish the last 1/4 mile hill to get to where the picture above was taken.

Finally we finished the uphill portion of the hike and she got her reward. SNOW! We didn't make the final trip to Jackass pass but we made it as far as Scarlet was able to go and the experience was amazing.

The reason I share this story is that I think it is valuable for us to realize that life is going to suck sometimes. It is really hard and there are times in our lives that we start to feel like quitting is the best option. At those times I believe it is important to have a couple of things in our back pockets to help us proceed.
The first is a reward. Set a goal with a reward attached to it to keep you motivated. Figure out something that would truly motivate you like Scarlet did with the snow. The reward can change along the way and mini rewards can help you achieve the final summit. Scarlet's original reward, that I didn't mention, was she was going to be able to play with her play doh at the top of the summit... Which she did! but she needed the snow as a little extra motivation as she got close to the top.

The second is a buddy. Don't go at it alone. With Scarlet, there was me. I was able to help motivate her to proceed but support her with whatever decision they decided to make. I believe all of you have that in your gym mates and your coaches. They will support you as you work on your goals at the gym and even with your goals outside the gym. Keep up the good fight and don't get discouraged.

Salute The Point Winners
I am working really hard and I will have your winners announced by this Thursday for the grand prize packages. I am having trouble tracking down everyone's referrals and who belongs to who, so please contact me asap if you referred anyone or if you were referred during the July special.

Fall Schedule for Group Fitness
Starting August 17th the schedule is going to change just a bit. We are going to have to cancel the Barre Fitness classes for the time being as they have been lightly attended. I hope in the future we can bring these back.
We are also going to make a few changes to the structure of memberships on the Group Fitness side to allow more flexibility to those who sign up. Current memberships are not changing but we are going to more of a punch pass membership structure. It'll look like this:
High Fitness Only Punch Pass: $50/10 Punches
Burn/High Fitness Hybrid Punch Pass: $75/10 Punches
Unlimited option still remains an option.
If you would like to adjust your membership in any way to better fit your schedule. Please let me know.

Fall Schedule for Youth Fitness
Our Youth CrossFit classes will move back into the evenings. They will move to Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 for the 6-9 year olds and 5:15 for the 10-14 year olds. This will begin August 17th.

Thank you all once again for your generosity in donating to Operation Underground Railroad and for providing so many awesome prizes. It was so awesome to be able to send that money to that organization.
I look forward to seeing you all

Coach Dan

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