Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.11.2016

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP,First and foremost, congratulations to our CFTP Barbell Club team members who competed in this past weekend's powerlifting meet. It was inspiring to watch you all compete. Dave and Leslie competed in their first ever meet and Steve and Adam killed it as usual... Prs were set and it was awesome to watch.This last Friday night was awesome too... How bout that assault bike?! Hehe. Like Morgan Richards said... It's like the dementors sucking out your soul. Lol. I know I always say this but I really do love seeing you put your heart into these competition WODs. It's so cool to see you and your partner work together. I love how competing brings us together. Can't wait for the next two weeks of Lockdown WODs.I want to talk a bit about each of the powerlifters that competed this past weekend and what I learned from them. First of all Steve Arnoldus.Steve had a disappointing squat outing. Officially, if you don't get a score on your squat then your meet is done. Steve could have chosen to leave the meet but decided to stay and still get a bench and a deadlift score. Steve has a viking like attitude. He puts his heart and soul into anything he does. It killed me to see how disappointed he was after working for months and having a plan and having the squat not be there for him yesterday. It's a tough thing to not beat yourself up after a failed attempt. I was so proud of him for sticking with his team of lifters and lifting after his failed event. He ended his day with a bench of 295 pounds and a PR on his deadlift at 490#! This is a perfect display of his character. He was pissed but didn't let that affect the rest of his meet. Proud of you Steve.Adam Carpenter. What can I say about this man? Yesterday was his meet for sure. He set personal records in all 3 of the movements. He went 3 for 3 on his squat hitting two personal records of 407 pounds and 418 pounds! He then went onto his bench and set a PR of 209 pounds, up 20+ pounds from last meet. He then went to his deadlift and while his 3rd attempt got no repped, he got robbed, he still stood up 501 pounds! Adam ended up taking 2nd in his class.David Martinez. This was Dave's first meet. Dave has been putting up numbers in the gym that have been unreal! He went in and killed the competition in his class. He took 1st place in his class in his first meet with Squat: 407 Bench: 309 Deadlift: 440! We've all watched Dave as his numbers have climbed and climbed. I am super proud of Dave and his example of hard work and dedication. He puts in more work than anyone and I am excited to see just how far he can take this.Leslie Faragher. Finally we have our lady lifter. I love watching Leslie compete. She is so focussed and when she is in the zone there is no stopping her. She was in a stacked class where state records were shattered. Within that class Leslie was still able to hold her own in her first powerlifting meet. Her numbers were: Squat 2/3 256.7, 270, missed 292. Bench Press 2/3 137.7, 148.75 missed 165.2. Deadlift 3/3 292, 303, 314(pr). With these number Leslie brought home 3rd place in her class.Competing is an interesting thing. Everyone handles it differently but at the end of the day those who compete come out of the competition having learned something about themselves. Every time we challenge ourselves and put ourselves outside our comfort zone we grow. I love the quote by the author Brian Tracy. "Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new."I love hearing about different competitions that our athletes are involved in. If you ever compete in anything please tag me in your Facebook/Instagram posts. I want to hear about them. I know of one more of our athletes that ran a half marathon this past weekend. Becky Williams! Sounds like that race was quite the adventure from my Facebook stalking. :)Remember, for all of you who are signed up for the Lockdown. If you haven't completed WOD 2, you have until Tuesday night. Get in with your partner and get it done!Finally, I hope you all take today as an opportunity to thank a local firefighter or police officer or military person for the sacrifices they make and are willing to make to keep us safe. September 11th has a different meaning for all of us but one thing we will never forget is watching those service members run into a burning building that was about to collapse in order to help save lives. And then the willingness of the military personnel to go overseas and sacrifice their time and in many cases their lives to help ensure that it doesn't happen again. Everyone has their theories on why we were sent overseas but that doesn't matter. What matters is that there are individuals who were willing to answer the call and those soldiers and marines and airmen and seamen did as the vowed to do and that is they vowed to keep the American people safe.See you all tomorrow!Coach Dan

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