Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.13.2015

November 6, 2020

GOOD MORNING CFTP,This week has been so much fun for me. It really is amazing to watch you all compete. I love seeing the friendly competition you all have with each other. We have 114 competitors in the lockdown!!! That is unheard of. The spirit of competition is so strong at The Point. I have owners of other CrossFit gyms in the area ask me all the time how I am able to get so many of my athletes to compete at local competitions. My only answer is... My people love to compete. You all compete day in and day out at the gym and you all have got the concept down that a competition is just another WOD for you to dominate.


The Hyperion GamesBefore I go into the first week lockdown results I want to express my thanks to all the competitors who showed up yesterday at The Hyperion Games and competed. It is so amazing to have so many high quality athletes at all of these local competitions. Our teams did not disappoint. We had 5 teams, 10 competitors, show up to Hyperion and take it by storm! We also had such an amazing group of supporters there. Although it's been hard for me to be out of competitions for the time being, it's been amazing to just be able to sit back and watch you all compete.Skittles, Coach Nate and Marianne took 4th. Taste The Rainbow, Coach Navarro and Coach JoAnn took 17th. Did you Jave?, Coach Dave and Jamyn took 20th. Magically Delicious, Thayne and Mandy took 22nd. Hobbits of The Point, Leslie and JJ took 23rd. These were some awesome results! There were 40 total teams competing and all 5 of our teams held their own. Such an amazing Saturday. There were a lot of highlights that I'd like to share and would usually but we have a lot of Lockdown results to go over!LOCKDOWN RESULTS WEEK 1Before I announce the standings so far. I want to tell you how awesome it really was this week for me. I love seeing you all compete and it is cool to see everyone supporting and pushing each other to be better. The scores were all so close. It's going to make for an exciting month of competition. I also want you to be aware that this is just the first week. If your placement isn't where you had hoped... Don't let it get you down. You still have 3 more weeks to give it your all and let the pieces fall where they may.This week I saw many of you do things that you didn't think you could do. Some of you have never done toes to bar or have never pushed yourself to do more than a couple. Then you came out and knocked out 30 or 40 of them! For many of you this is your first competition and you came out of nowhere and surprised yourself with what you truly are capable of.The following standings do not reflect any extra points that will be earned from the clean eating challenge. Those points will be updated on the scores Tuesday. You have until Monday night to update your clean eating for week 1. To earn 3 points for your team you must be 100% for the week but for every clean eating day you mark on the chart you will receive an entry for a free pair of shoes, Nano 5.0, Nike Metcons, or Oly shoes. Many of your charts have yet to be touched. Please be sure to mark your clean eating days! It is your responsibility to get your dots next to your name. The charts are up and your name is up there.Here are your week one standings:

Week 1 Rx+ Males

Week 1 Rx Male
Rx Female
Week 1 Female Scaled

This week was a great example of the every rep counts rule. Such close scores with many of you within a few reps of earning a few extra points.

WEEK 2 Clean Eating Challenge (By Amy Robinson)

Welcome to Week 2! So, is everyone surviving without sugar? Well, let me just say that was the easy part. This week is the week some of you will take me off your Christmas card list...

Week 2: All of week 1, PLUS no diet soda or diet drinks or artificial sugars. (optional ADD: Apple Cider Vinegar water)

Are we still friends?? :) So, let me fill in some details. We are eliminating artificial sugars - including Splenda, sucralose, Ace K, aspartame, etc. All that nasty stuff is eating away your insides anyway. However, you can have stevia, raw honey (not refined in the honey bear), and pure maple syrup. So that eliminates almost all diet drinks and most Crystal Light type drinks. (Good thing you're drinking plenty of water instead, right?!). Sprouts does carry a stevia sweetened diet soda, but to me they taste terrible. ;) Keep in mind that artificial sugars are in many, many, many foods, so be sure to read labels. Use your best judgement, and if you have questions, use the CFTP Facebook page so everyone can see it.

Yes, you can still have your beloved pre-workout, but ONLY 1 per day.

The optional add-in this week is Apple Cider Vinegar water. You use 1 TBSP "Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother" with 24 oz water. You MUST dilute it. Don't try and drink it straight or you'll burn your throat. You may sweeten it with stevia, the raw honey, or pure maple syrup. It's definitely an "acquired taste", but it's so good for you! It is antimocrobial and said to lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce acid reflux, give you energy, and more. It is also said to promote weight loss with an "anti-obesity" reaction in the body (good ol' Dr. Oz promoted that part); however, this is not the "magic pill". I drink it daily and I am still not on the cover of Vogue magazine. Here's a decent article explaining the benefits:

Thank you Amy.

So now that you know the new addition to your clean eating challenge I guess it is time to announce this week's WOD. Yes! I am announcing the WOD today...instead of later in the week as I had originally planned... But I am not announcing it in this Spotlight. Stay tuned for Week 2 WOD announcement later on today.

Coach Dan

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