Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.13.2020

November 6, 2020

Oh man... I've got a lot of exciting things to announce today!

Upcoming Competitions
It's competition season here at The Point! We have two events that will be happening between now and Christmas!

Lockdown 2020 (Fall Edition)

So... Yes we have had one Lockdown but what about second Lockdown? :)
Since CrossFit has moved the CrossFit Open back to February then that means we must move our in house Lockdown Competition to the fall again.

For a quick overview, Lockdown is an in-house competition that we do as a gym. It's for gym members only and is accessible to every member, no matter the fitness level. The competition is a 2-person team competition and we provide 3 divisions:
Tier 1: The newest of CrossFitters. This is a scaled division and is designed as an amazing opportunity for individuals to get their first competition under their belt.
Tier 2: This division would be those who aren't quite able to do every CrossFit movement but able to Rx most weights and movements.
Tier 3: This division would be for those athletes who can Rx all movements in the gym practically every day.

We will put out more details on these divisions as we get closer to start time.
This competition will last 4 weeks and will be very similar to how we run the CrossFit Open each year. We will announce the Workout Thursday night and program it for the gym on Mondays and will require you and your partner to submit a score by Tuesday night. We encourage everyone to complete it on Monday if possible. You will judge each other. It is a one and done competition. No multiple attempts allowed.
The competition will be $30 per team, $15 per person. You can register for this event in your PushPress app in the pre-orders section. Each individual must register. It'll be $15 per person. Find. your partner and each of you register yourself. This competition will start the week of October 12th!

'Twas The WOD Before Christmas 6

Year 6 is happening!!!

We are excited to bring to you our 6th iteration of 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas!

This is a multi-gym competition usually featuring 120+ athletes from 20+ gyms across the state and some from outside the great state of Utah. This year will be structured the same as year's past with the following divisions:
Male/Male Rx
Female/Female Rx
Male/Male Scaled
Female/Female Scaled

We are so excited to bring this back again and can't wait to see you all again this year. It will, once again, be the first weekend of December!

You can sign up here and the first batch of sign-ups can use promo code: 2020early to receive a discount. There are a limited number available!

Dexabody Side Hustle
Dexabody will be back to The Point this September 30th. We need to fill these spots asap so they don't try to move people around last minute. Jump on now and sign up for your slot.

Train the Trainer

Yesterday we held our monthly trainer meeting which includes a train the trainer portion. I wanted to make you aware of how diligently your training team is working to become better trainers for you. 6 AM, they all showed up and we talked of ways to better your experience at The Point and then went onto having our trainers train us so we can better serve you. We are so lucky to have such dedicated trainers at The Point.

Now that we are back to our old schedule, this time of year has become my favorite once again! I love Lockdown and TWBC season. I can't wait to see you all compete and have fun together.

Coach Dan

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