Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.15.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning peeps!

Since moving over to our new space I have had the chance to talk with lots of new members and lots of potential members. The one thing I learned is that there a few common barriers to new members joining and new members attending classes.

I want you all to go back to when you first joined CrossFit or joined our Point Fitness classes. Think about how hard it was to change your routine and take a chance on a new location. Now that you have put yourself into these new and potential member's shoes let's go over the number one barrier I have seen.

It can be very scary to start something new. You have to come into a place where friendships are already established and you have to be the new kid on the block.
It can be hard to break into these "cliques" that have been formed. I don't even like to call them cliques... I prefer to call them tight knit groups. We pride ourselves on being a family and while that is awesome and I truly feel you are all part of my family, it makes it tough for "in-laws" to join the crew.

Be the difference
It takes time for newcomers to feel accepted but it doesn't have to be that way. We can be the difference between these new members staying or leaving. We can be the difference between our new friends coming in 5 days a week or coming every so often. You can literally be the difference between somebody changing their life for the better.
A simple "Hey, what's up?" during warm-ups or a "You killed that workout" following a workout can make all the difference for a new member or even a seasoned member.
I have met all of these new members and adding them to our family is a must! They are all so awesome and have so much to offer. I am excited to build this gym and create a place where more and more people will have a space to get away from the worries of daily life and create a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

A message to all the new members who have joined or who will join in the future. Don't be afraid to take that first step towards integration. I have known most of these members for years and years and you will never meet a better group of people than those at The Point.
Join our "tight-knit groups" and jump in with both feet! Join the upcoming CrossFit Intramural Open or the upcoming Beast Mode. Our family can never be too big and next time you see new people come in, you be that person who welcomes them in and helps the newbies become part of our family.


2020 Intramural CrossFit Open

YES! It is CrossFit Open #2 for 2019. The open begins October 10th and we are doing it Intramural style again! Everyone who signs up will receive a shirt and be placed on 1 of 4 teams and will attack the open and earn points for your team. The more we get signed up the better we can make the prizes at the end.

How do I sign up?
With our new system and app, we have made it super easy for everyone to sign up.
Download the PushPress Members app, if you haven't already done so.

Go into the app and go into Pre-orders>

You'll find the registration and shirt order available there.

The pre-order will cover a shirt and registration! The color of shirt will depend on which team you get assigned.

Signing up on the Games Website
I would also encourage you to sign up on the Games website if you're interested in seeing their worldwide leaderboard and see where you stand amongst your peers outside of CrossFit The Point.

Now available for Pre-order on the PushPress App:
- Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point Branded Weightlifting Belts
- Workt Knee Sleeves
(These pre-orders will expire this Sunday)

New Shoes for the Open Caption Contest
We are doing something different leading up to this year's open. We will be posting a picture every Monday and Wednesday on our Facebook page and our Instagram pages.
With this picture we ask that you like and comment your best caption. In order to be entered to win the shoes, there are specific requirements on the comment.
#1 You must tag someone who you believe would be interested in joining The Point.
#2 You must get creative with your caption because on Thursday and Saturday (Thursday Monday's post and on Saturday for Wednesday's post) we will choose our top 3 captions to be entered into a drawing at the end of competition.
There will be a winners chosen from both Instagram and from Facebook. Not only do you get new shoes (Doesn't have to be CrossFit shoes) from Universal Athletic but your friend that you tagged in your post will receive a 1 month unlimited access pass to Point Fitness! ($175 value).

Beast Mode Saturday Night
Final announcement! This Saturday night we will be doing a beast mode! What is a Beast Mode? Beast Mode is a workout that we generally do on a Saturday night. It is a WOD that all are welcome to attend. It generally is a longer workout and will be done with partners or even teams.
It's free for all to join and even visitors from other gyms are welcome. The purpose of a beast mode is to just get together and have some fun. Something a little outside our regular routine. The beast mode will be at 8 PM and I hope that all of you can join us.

That was a lot of announcements but I hope you all are able to join us in these upcoming events and activities. The more I get to hang out with all of you the better!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me or email me and I will clear up any questions you may have.

Coach Dan

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