Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.18.2016

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP peeps,

Get back on the horse

I came to a realization this past few days. I have allowed myself to become a victim. A victim to negative thoughts. A victim to self doubt. A victim of impatience. A victim of my circumstances. I have allowed myself to feel sorry for myself.

Let me give you all a little backstory. Many of you know my history but for those who don't, here you go. So I am a competitor. I have been my whole life. This is part of the reason I fell in love with CrossFit. I loved challenging myself and always competing. I've ran over 10 spartans. I played college soccer. I have competed in numerous CrossFit events. When there was a challenge I accepted it. Well, 18 months ago I got injured. When you are pushing yourself to the limit and trying to improve, this happens. Obviously we do everything we can to avoid any kind of injury that might slow us down but it happens and it sucks. So, there is a lot to this story but in short, I found out I have a torn adductor. It took many trips to the doctor and a lot of different doctors to figure this out. Since finding out, I have done everything I could to fix this problem so I can get back into competing and it's been frustrating. Everything I tried seemed to work for a while but never fully fixed the problem. I finally had one more procedure I tried and was optimistic. Let's just say it's been over a month and the progress I expected is not where I had hoped it would be.

I don't share this backstory for you to feel bad for me. I wanted to let you all know where my head has been at this past little bit. This past Friday I had a pull/tear in my ab area above my adductor and that was the last straw. I was done. My mind went straight to "I'm going to quit. I can't deal with this anymore."

I felt sorry for myself. I pouted. I had my little pity party and then it happened. I realized that I have fallen victim to my circumstance. I gave up on myself. I let everything that was going on around me defeat me. It was my decision and I chose defeat.

Everyday we have situations that happen in our lives that we cannot avoid. We have stresses and frustration. We have to balance work and family and our health and everything else that is going on around us. Sometimes we feel there isn't enough time in the day to handle it all. It gets overwhelming but quitting is never the answer.

We have to make the conscious decision to fight. The picture above is a victory for me. I have been allowing my circumstances to decide my actions. I haven't ridden a horse since I moved out to our new house. I didn't ride it out of fear. I had lost my confidence because of my injury. This is a symbol for me to show that we don't have to give up.


Above my desk at home we have this picture with the story that goes with it.


This photograph was taken about 1917 in an underground mineshaft.The horse was totally blind, as were all such horses due to a lifetime in total darkness.It is the most impressive image I have ever seen.It depicts the American way of life and the effort it took our forefathers to build this great country.Often, when I have been discouraged and despondent beyond words,I have looked at this picture and said to myself "I will pull it one more mile."With that attitude in mind and with an average amount ofintelligence, any person can certainly make a success of their lifein this land of free enterprise.-Ross Taylor

In life and in the gym, I hope we have the attitude of "Pull it one more mile". We are all going to have situations that are going to be frustrating. We are going to leave the gym with whip marks all over our bodies from double unders, with bruises on our forearms from kettle bells, with bleeding shins from our fight with a box, with sore muscles, and maybe an injury here and there. When things like this happen we can choose the easy way out and quit or we can pull it on more mile. We can accept defeat or we can pull it one more mile. We can blame others or we can put our heads down and pull it one more mile.

It is your choice. You are the only one that can decide how you are going to handle the situation that life throws at you. I choose to fight. I choose to be happy.

Happy Sunday! See you all tomorrow!

Coach Dan

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