Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.20.2020

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon!

Be the Tide that lifts all boats
Our successes are never due to other people's failures. I remember when I first opened my gym year's ago and deep down I found myself rooting for failure in my field. It was a feeling of, if they are failing that means I am succeeding. Looking back, it is a very strange feeling but I feel like it's something many of us face in all facets of our life.
Have you ever felt this way? Secretly cheering when you see someone fail... Luckily, I've discovered over the years that it's actually better for all when everyone is succeeding. A rising tide lifts all boats.
We need to be that rising tide. What does that mean to us in the gym setting? I think a great example is our coaching team. Last week we had our CrossFit Coaches' Meeting and in that meeting our coaches shared their knowledge. Our coaches willingly shared the knowledge they had gained and that in turn made all of us better coaches.
As athletes, we should take on this same mantra. Be the tide that raises the boats. Be that person who, when you learn something new and that works for you, shares it. Be that person who, when finished with their workout, cheers on their classmates.
There never should be a time when an athlete is trying to finish a workout and he/she is having to dodge people who are busy cleaning up for the day. It won't kill us to wait 5 minutes for our teammates to finish before we start cleaning up our equipment. Not only waiting for our classmates to finish but actively cheering them on.
I have shared this experience before but I will share it again here. I remember about 5 years ago or so, I was doing an overhead lunge to finish off a workout. It was a workout that saw me in last place for the class I was attending. I was really struggling but the 10 or so other athletes, who finished long before me, gathered around me and cheered me on. It was just some random workout on a random day inside our awesome gym but it has stuck with me for years.
Let's be that athlete/friend who encourages and cheers on our fellow athletes. Some day you're going to need that encouragement.

Country Tuff
Yesterday we had some peeps compete in the Country Tuff competition up in Richfield. They did awesome and they also were able to do an adult/kid portion which looked awesome.
Great job TJ, Lindsay, Slim, Ryley, Tatum, and Rogan! Here are some awesome pictures of the competition.
TJ and Lindsay came in second, Lindsay and Ryley came in first, TJ and Tatum came in third and from what I hear, Slim and Rogan straight up left it all out on the competition floor.
Congratulations peeps! Way to represent!

We are about a week and a half away from Dexabody returning. Please sign up ASAP so we can provide more time slots for all of us. It's been 3 months... Time to see who is going to take home the money!
Sign up here!

Lockdown Fall 2020
Already starting to see a lot of people signing up! Can't wait! If you are like me and still looking for your partner, let me know and I will hook you up with someone!

Coach Dan

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