Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.25.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon peeps!Only a couple more days until Lockdown 2016 is over! This has been amazing. This past week we did a repeat WOD and it has been interesting. Last year we did this WOD and this year we went even a bit heavier in most divisions I feel that you all handled it so much better. Yes, this year we definitely saw a lot of pain and it was very difficult but the scores put up and the aftermath was nothing like it was last year.I believe this speaks to your progress as athletes. This is why I always tell you all to keep track of your scores. This is also why you will see us repeat workouts. I want to see if you are progressing. Coming up in the near future we will be maxing out on our Olympic lifts and Front squats. If you haven't noticed our programming has been focussing on these lifts. I really hope that we are able to see you set new personal records on all of these lifts.Today I would like our focus to be on what we do outside of the gym. If you all know me, I try my best to eat right but I fail constantly. So, instead of me taking on this task to talk about this very important subject, I have invited JJ Peterson.


JJ has been a member at The Point for 2 years. He was a star trainer on the widely popular A&E show "Fit to Fat to Fit" so he knows a thing or two about fitness and about clean eating. He is also married to the mastermind behind Clean Simple Eats. So rather than have me tell you how important this is I have invited JJ to come in as a guest writer.

So... Nutrition is fun to talk about! I love it! I'm super passionate about the human body. (Maybe too passionate?) It's the most incredible machine ever created. The longer I deal in health, nutrition & fitness the more I'm in awe of how amazing our bodies are.They put up with a lot of abuse. Especially nowadays. Our fast paced lives, toxic environment and lack of nutrients is killing all of us... Quite literally. I'll do my best to stay off the soap box but if this gets a little preachy I hope you know it's only because I want what's best for you!I work with a lot of people that tell me they want to change. That they're done feeling exhausted everyday. That they're tired of being overweight or sick all the time. When we chat for a bit about lifestyle habits it's clear that nutrition isn't a priority. I hear things like, "I'm too busy, too tired, too poor, travel too much, too addicted to Diet Coke, blah blah blah." If your health and your goals are a priority... You'll find a way to fuel yourself right.You all make it a priority and find a way to get to CFTP every day or almost every day! I know you all get this but I'll say it anyway... 90% of your success and progress in the gym comes from what you do outside of the gym. 90%! Please please please make all of the hard work and time you spend in the gym count!Dial in your nutrition and watch the mind, body and soul respond! It's unreal how quickly you can see results with a little focus and lot of discipline. It's not easy for sure. But it's definitely worth it! I've seen both sides of this equation lately and I promise you the grass really is greener when you have your health!Over the last few years I've been able to work with some crazy inspiring people! They beat cancer, (a few of them more than once), autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, obesity, diabetes, injuries, chronic illness... I've seen it all. Every single one of these people beat the odds with food. Not a miracle drug. Just REAL food.I'll get off my soap box now. ... If you're looking to increase in strength or stamina. If you're looking to lose a few lbs or gain a few. If you want to PR like crazy on all your lifts. If you want to beat chronic disease. If you want to dramatically slow the aging process. If you want to balance your hormones and control your emotions. If you want a level head and clear thoughts. If you want to be the very best version of YOU... You'll find the key in the foods that you eat. It's really that simple. You would never dump Kool Aid into your gas tank or poor a coke on a house plant. Why do we think our engines can run on that crap?Love you guys! Happy Sunday. See you tomorrow morning! Let's kick off the week with a bang! Work hard in and out of the gym! Most of all... Keep lifting each other up!Best,JJ Peterson

Thank you JJ! I love having you at The Point and that you are so willing to share your knowledge with us. If you are looking to change the way you eat you are in luck. You can go to to find plans for every season. These recipe books are amazing. Emily and I always join the challenges and buy her books. She does all the hard work. You just have to cook.

Love you all and I can't wait to start another week at The Point. Remember! All Lockdown scores must be in by Tuesday night. This is the final week.

Coach Dan

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