Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.27.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,3 weeks down 1 to go on the Lockdown. Things are tightening up in the standings! I am super proud of you all. I know this week had quite a little twist with heavy and skill movements in the WOD capped off with a very difficult movement. I know it was frustrating for some of you. Some got stuck in the middle of the WOD others on the muscle ups or the pull-ups but one thing this week did prove is that you are capable of a lot more than you think when challenged.Since the announcement of WOD 3 I have personally witnessed a roller coaster of emotions whether it be at the gym or via text message. The emotions ranged from anger to elation. I am really proud of how you all handled this. I know not everyone was able to achieve that first Muscle up or that first pull-up but a lot of you did. Since the WOD 3 announcement we have had 8 new bar muscle uppers, 6 new ring muscle uppers, and 2 new pull-ups and a few of you who conquered, or took one more step towards conquering, your box jumps! That is quite frankly unheard of. Those of you who didn't achieve your firsts... You are closer now than you have been.Our goal for the Lockdown is to create an environment where you all are comfortable pushing yourself to new levels and also the most important reason is for you to have fun. I know for some of you this week was anything but fun. You were frustrated and stressed about letting your partner down. You may have felt it was unfair with the way it was scored or set up. I want you all to keep in mind the true purpose of competing. Although all of us want to win the true purpose is for you to push yourself to new levels. This may mean you are putting yourself into uncomfortable situations. Your partner has been there and understands your frustrations and is there to help you.Keep your head up and let's finish this competition strong.I'll start by having Amy give you your last week Clean Eating Challenge; This week's challenge will end on Friday Night! This will give Dave and I time to compile scores and figure out the winners for the Saturday Throwdown.Week 4LAST WEEK! And then you can celebrate with chocolate cake and a beer or diet coke. This week we are eliminating GLUTEN. Doh! Just kidding! We promised we wouldn’t go Paleo, or even close. J So… This week we are eliminating 2 things… WEEK 4 ELMINATION: All of weeks 1-3, plus no eating out and no eating after 9:00 pm. Optional ADD-IN: Get 8 hours of sleepEasy peasy right? Think about how much money you are saving by not eating out this week. And it’s ONLY 1 week! You can do it!! Yes, I know there are plenty of healthy options when eating out including salads. However, there does tend to be extra sodium and even extra fat as compared to cooking at home. And this is a challenge, remember?! This does include no take-out or delivery. Ha! I know you were thinking about it… What? It’s your birthday this week? Great! Happy birthday! Have your spouse make you dinner at home or breakfast in bed. What a great gift. And no snacking after 9pm is simply to help you avoid late night snacking. You’ll be in bed soon anyway, right? The optional add-in of extra sleep is just good for you. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain, compromise your immune system, cause you to be over emotional, and make you think less clearly. Here’s an article about the effects of the lack of sleep., that is it for the Sunday Spotlight. Stay tuned for WOD #4 announcement and for Standings Updates.Coach Dan

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