Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.28.2014

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,

First of all congratulations to those doing the Paleo Challenge. Two weeks down and according to the diet stats on the challenge you all are doing awesome! I have heard such amazing results already and I can't wait to see the difference this lifestyle change has in your life. It is so cool to see those changes in your body from day to day. You can tell those who are sticking to the diet... It shows and you all are looking amazing.This week we will be starting the weekly Paleo WODs. You will have a week to complete these WODs and get them submitted. As of now you all need to be sure to enter your scores so I can validate them and you can get credit for completing the WODs. Most of you have entered them but for those who haven't get on now and get it done. It takes just a few minutes. This goes for your daily diet logs as well.One more announcement. This Saturday we are hosting the Teen Gauntlet! We are in need of volunteers! The event starts Saturday at 8 AM and will run into the early afternoon. We need help for judging and setting up. If you are available please let Coach LaDee or myself know sometime this week so we can get you all squared away. Can't wait to see these teens go at it. Such a great experience.We have some exciting things happening... First of all we have rearranged the front area in hopes to make things a little less cluttered. Ryan and Tara did an awesome job of putting it all together so thank you to them for all their hard work. Also, to check another CFTP wishlist item off the list we have gotten new shirts in! We will be selling them for $20 a piece but for this next week only we will knock off 25% and so they will be $15 a piece! We're excited to see you all in the new CFTP gear!

As we continue to work to improve your experience at The Point I have a request for you. I want you personally to continue to improve your experience at The Point. How can you do this? Well take advantage of all the extra classes we offer such as the Power Lifting class on Tuesday nights and the Olympic Lifting class on Thursday Nights. These are there to help you improve your ability to lift safely and to lift heavy. Also, take advantage of all the coaching The Point has to offer. We as trainers are there for you and want to see you succeed so ask questions and listen. Sometimes a simple cue from a trainer can mean all the difference in a movement.BE ON TIME! The warmups are there to get you ready. Please come in and get right on the warmup. They are designed for the upcoming WOD to alleviate the chance of injury and to help you perform your best. After the warmup it is important for you all to complete the SWOD. This is the period of time that we will get strong. The strength program is there to make you strong but will only work if you are consistent and if you truly get the full reps in. The percentages on the SWOD are there to challenge you. Push yourself and I can promise you that you will see results and personal records.Finally the WOD. The WOD is there to challenge you and to test your abilities. There are going to be times when you may not be able to do the prescribed weight and prescribed movement. This is fine. I have more respect for someone who knows his/her body and modifies than for someone whose ego won't let them scale. You must be patient. Listen to your trainers when they tell you to take off weight or to modify a movement. I have coached thousands of hours and seen and dealt with many limitations. Trust me to help with your progressions. Just because you can't do the movement today doesn't mean we can't do something similar that will improve your chances of doing it next time around.Be strong CFTP but more importantly be SMART! Our training team is here for you and for your betterment. Every week I am amazed at the improvement of each of you and I am proud of the work that you all put in.Thanks for being amazing athletes and more importantly amazing human beings.Coach Dan

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