Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.30.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,

What a great weekend this past weekend. I feel like I got hit by a truck but it reminded me of just how lucky I am. I am so grateful that I have a body that I can challenge and compete with. Sometimes I feel like I take that for granted. I am so grateful that I have a group of friends that I get to hang out with and compete in a sport that we all love. I am grateful for all of you and for what you do to make CrossFit The Point so special.

This past weekend I was able to compete with the peeps in the picture above. CrossFit The Point had 3 teams competing together at WODsomniac. Not pictured is the supporting cast of cheerleaders who trickled in through the 18 hours that we were competing. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us. I love our CrossFit family and had a sleep-deprived blast with all of you Friday and Saturday!LockdownLockdown 2018 is coming to an end. Don't forget to come and finish your last workout and/or eat some pizza tomorrow, Monday, from 6-8 PM. We left the best WOD for last... Wouldn't you agree? I've seen some of you complete it already and I am excited to see the rest of you compete tomorrow night!CFTP 2018 Member PartyWe are a go for this year's Member party! It will be next Monday October 8th from 6-8 PM. Please RSVP here so we can block out enough time slots for our full group. We will be meeting at Labyrinth in Lindon and taking on the challenges inside!Nutrition ChallengeThe Nutrition challenge has come to an end. Thank you for participating the past 4 weeks! I will be taking a look at the SugarWOD app and announcing the winners of the 50% off purchase this week! Just because it is over, doesn't mean we shouldn't continue down the path we started. Don't let yourself fall back into old routines and old habits. Hold onto the new habits you created this past month.Quarter 3 Dexabody ChallengeThank you for everyone who participated in the Dexabody Challenge. I am excited to see all of your results. I will be getting those results emailed to me on Tuesday (So if you haven't gotten yours done yet, there is still time) and determining the winners in the men's and women's divisions. I will also be posting a sheet up at the gym and an online signup in our Facebook group for the Quarter 4 challenge.Finishing thoughtsI want to finish with some words of encouragement. We are harder on ourselves than we should be. I know for me, I constantly see my flaws and my decisions or performances are never good enough. I forget to celebrate the accomplishments because all I can see is all the work that I have ahead of me. I want you all to celebrate your progress. Don't dwell on your flaws or your imperfections. Don't let others control the way you feel. All you can do is the best you can do and hope that it is enough. If it isn't, that's ok. Learn from it and work to improve but don't get down on yourself.I hope that each time you come into The Point you leave with a sense of accomplishment because every time you come in, you are bettering yourself. You may not hit a PR but that doesn't matter in the long run. Just by showing up and being there, you are improving your situation. You are bettering yourself.Thanks again for allowing me to be part of your lives and for making The Point possible. You all have created something special and I hope that you will continue to make The Point the special place that I have come to love and cherish.Coach Dan

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