Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.6.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!LET THE LOCKDOWN BEGIN!!! 55 teams!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!In this spotlight I am going to go over all the rules and regulations for the 2015 CFTP Fall Lockdown. I hope to be able to answer all of your questions in this post but if I miss anything feel free to post below the Facebook post with this attached to it.LOCKDOWN WODSEvery Tuesday night (except for this week; it will be announced later today) the WOD for the week will be announced. This WOD will be a partner WOD for you and your partner to complete before Saturday night. You may complete this WOD at any time during the week. When you complete the WOD you must have a judge to count your reps and to judge your standards. Preferably this will be a CFTP Trainer; if not then it needs to be someone that the trainer has briefed on the standards. YOU MAY ONLY COMPLETE THE WOD ONCE. IT IS A ONE AND DONE COMPETITION. When you finish your WOD your score will be put on the whiteboard immediately. No holding out on your score until the end of the week. If you don't want your score to be on the whiteboard then do it later in the week.Every Saturday (except the first week because of the Hyperion Competition) we will be having a throw down at the box for everyone to come and complete the WOD. It will start at 1 PM on Saturdays and it will go until everyone that needs to complete the WOD completes the WOD. This is to help create a competitive atmosphere to help push our athletes a little more. You do not have to come on Saturdays but it will be a blast if you can make it happen.STANDARDSStandards will be announced along with the announcement of the WOD. These standards are to be kept at the high standard that we require at The Point. Everyone will be expected to complete the WODs at the same standard. There will be standards for both the scaled and Rx WODs.CLEAN EATING CHALLENGEEvery Sunday Spotlight I will announce what is to be eliminated from your diet. Starting Sunday Night Midnight the challenge will begin. This will be an honor system way of keeping track. We will have poster boards with all of your names on it at the box. For each day that you are 100% you will put a dot next to your name. In order to get extra points for your team you must be 100% the whole week. On Monday I will count the number of dots next to your name from the previous week. If I count 7 dots you will earn extra points for your team. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PLACE DOTS NEXT TO YOUR NAME. If there are not 7 dots next to your name then you will not earn any points for your team. The break down of the points are listed below.SCORINGFor the scoring of the WODs we will be adopting the CrossFit Games way of scoring. This means that the scoring will be based on what you rank each week. It will be broken down as follows:1st= 100 Points2nd= 95 Points3rd= 90 Points4th= 85 Points5th= 80 Points6th= 78 Points7th= 76 PointsSo on and so forth subtracting 2 points for every placement.For the clean eating portion of this competition. For every individual that is 100% for that week they will earn their team an additional 3 points. So you will have a chance to add 6 points to your team through your clean eating each week.PRIZES (Total prize package = $2200)1st Place (Per person) (Total prize package for all 1st place finishers = $1680)$150 Hylete gearBag of your choice of Supplement from the CFTP Case2nd Place (Per Person) (Total prize package for all 2nd place finishers = $320)$40 Cash3rd Place (Per Person) (Total prize package for all 3rd place finishers = $200)$25 CashI am working on some additional prizes from Progenex and from Xendurance. Those will be added as I get them.CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE WEEK 1 (By Amy Robinson)Our last lockdown was absolutely amazing! Everyone worked hard and had fun with their teams while getting fit and improving their CrossFit skills. This time we are stepping up our game by adding a nutrition portion, which will also give you extra points for your team if you stick to it! This is how it will work:

WEEK 1 ELIMINATION: No sugar (i.e. no cookies, candy, chocolate, sweets, etc.), energy drinks, or alcohol, plus you must drink at least 100 oz water per day. Make it easy on yourself and get a Maverick Monster mug. It’s 100 oz, so fill it up in the morning and drink until empty.Optional ADD-IN: a whole foods multivitamin and probiotic supplement.A whole foods multivitamin is just that – whole foods. Unlike a Centrum, there are no chemicals and they do not need to be taken with food for the vitamins to be assimilated in your body. And for ladies wanting to be – or who already are - pregnant, they are a must. Sprouts and Whole Foods offer several brands like NuChapter Organics, Vitamin Code, Garden of Life, etc.A probiotic supplement has live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, specifically your digestive system. They keep your gut healthy, and a healthy gut is also beneficial for your immune system. There are several brands such as Enzymedica (fairly pricey) to Now brand (fairly inexpensive). You will want to keep the bottle in the refrigerator once it’s opened. Google “the benefits of probiotics” and you will be surprised at everything a small capsule does for your health!Thank you Amy.I am super excited to see all of you push past what you think your limits are. This competition will challenge you and motivate you. It is a fun competition among friends. While I love seeing your competitive side come out let's be sure to keep it civil. Be excited for your teammates. We are all on the same team! We are all part of the CFTPNATION TEAM. Give it 100% and let the pieces fall where they fall. Every judge is a volunteer judge. Keep that in mind as mistakes are always made. We are doing everything we can to make sure that no mistakes are made but if they are please be kind.I will be announcing the first WOD later on today! Standby.Coach Dan

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