Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 9.8.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning Point!

I've been attending and running CrossFit The Point for so long that I have forgotten a few things that are truly unique about our gym. Something one of our new instructors pointed out reminded me about what makes being a part of Point Fitness so valuable.
We had just finished a 9:30 CrossFit class and a 9:30 Bootcamp. Both classes were finishing up and I went over to the Bootcamp side to talk with those who participated and Coach Jamie made a pretty cool observation. She said, "Look at everyone. I love how everyone here hangs around after and talks and hangs out together."
It's so true. It was 10:45 and from the 30 or so people who were in the two classes, 20 of them were still there. This doesn't happen at your typical gym. Some were talking about the workout and their strategies. Some were talking about plans to hang out this upcoming weekend or go to lunch later in the day. Some were on the bikes and rowers recovering and getting their heart rate down from the work they just put in.
There is huge value in this! No matter how many classes we add to Point Fitness or how many people join our family, you can always be sure that you are surrounded by people who have similar goals to your own and are going to be there to support you.
Not only do you have fellow classmates who feel this way but you also have trainers who are there to help you along the path. Our trainers truly love to see you progress and see you enjoy your fitness journey.

I want to thank you all for helping to create this value. I hope you all feel this and I hope it drives you to be better. Keep on cheering each other on and always know that we aren't on this journey alone.

I'd like to finish with a couple quick announcements.

First off... We have a change in schedule for September. We are working hard to find the best schedule that will fit your schedule and also be a good schedule for your friends to come in and join you. So, here's what we have going forward through September:

As you can see. For the month of September we are canceling our Muay Thai classes for the youth and adults. Our head Muay Thai trainer just got called up for an awesome opportunity to fight at the end of this month and is taking this time to get into fighting shape. We will have Muay Thai back up and running starting in October. Good luck Coach Brenna!

Save this image and share it with your friends. I am super excited about the 9:30 AM schedule with every day having something.

Adding Classes
On the schedule note. I hope everyone who either were on our Group Fitness promotion plan or the promotion upgrade had a chance to take advantage and use those classes. Now that the promotion period is over, what now?
We have a couple of options for you to consider. If you are able to attend regularly and want to continue, the best bang for your buck is to go for the full facility upgrade. It's only $40 bucks and will open up every class at The Point to you.
If you plan to hit a yoga class here, a High Fitness class there... Then the best bet is one of our discounted punch pass options. For just $50 you get 10 punches that can be used for any of those classes. You can extend out this punch pass for up to six months so that way you still get to enjoy the extra classes.
All of these changes and additions can be added through the push press members app.
If you have questions about what plan would work best with your goals and what you enjoy doing, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll make sure to set you up so you can enjoy what you love at the best price.

Please let me know if you need anything from me. I am just a text or an email away.

Coach Dan

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