CSE In-House Challenge

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon!

I am so excited to announce our next nutrition challenge. As you all know, we are huge advocates of Clean Simple Eats and stock all of their products at Point Fitness. Well, we are taking it a step further and jumping onto their Summer Challenge!

What is the CSE Challenge?
Clean Simple Eats has been running challenges for years. To learn more about how to join their challenge, go here: https://cleansimpleeats.com/pages/csechallenge
How are we going to run our own in house challenge?
1) You can and I recommend you join both our challenge and the nation-wide challenge from CSE. To enter into our competition and the CSE challenge, all you have to do is buy the journal that we will have available behind our desk. To be eligible for our challenge you will need to buy from us. If you have already purchased the journal for this Summer challenge from their website then just show me the receipt and you will be entered into our challenge.
2) Once you purchase the journal, follow the plan. I recommend using the Summer Book since that was created for the summer season but if you don't want to purchase another book but you have one of their other ones, then you can use a different season.
3) Take a before picture. This picture needs to be timestamped before July 5th, when our competition officially begins.

How do you win?
I will be choosing a male and a female winner. The winners will be based on the before and after pictures submitted. These will not be made public without permission from you.
Side hustle: We will be running this competition at the same time as our Dexabody challenge. So if you want to join the Dexabody Side Hustle then you will need to put $40 into the pot. The winners of this will be based off of your percentage of body change based off of your scans.

What do you win?
For the CSE In-house challenge, one female and one male will win the CSE Super Powder Bundle. The CSE Super Powder Bundle is:
1 CSE Simply Vanilla Protein
1 Super Berry Antioxidants
1 Super Collagen
5 Off-Beat Butters of your choice
The winners of the Dexabody Side Hustle will receive the money in the pot. So the more people who join the side hustle, the more money that will be up for grabs!

In Summary
To join our Summer challenge, you will purchase a CSE Journal, take a before picture, follow the 7 week plan, take an after picture, submit pictures at the end of the challenge.
To enter the Dexabody Side Hustle: sign up for a dexabody scan when it comes to The Point on July 1st and submit $40 to The Point for the pot. The sign up link is here: https://cfthepoint.checkappointments.com/
One final thing I would greatly encourage doing is to join a special Facebook Group that I just created for this challenge and join the CSE Challenge Facebook Group. These groups will help keep you motivated and will be a great place to ask questions. If you do not use Facebook, you are more than welcome to ask your questions through email, Dan@crossfitthepoint.com or even text me. 801-699-5677.
Here are the links for those groups:
Point Fitness Summer Challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/204176490787447
Clean Simple Eats Challenge Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cleansimpleeats

I am not only excited to be putting this challenge together but I am excited to join you on this challenge. Nutrition is definitely the thing that I struggle with the most and I cannot wait to take it on this next quarter and see the changes that are possible through healthy eating and consistent working out.

Coach Dan

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