Fall Lockdown Week 3 WOD Announcement

November 6, 2020

Here is your week 3 WOD.

Week #3

Time Cap 15 Minutes

Rx+ Male/Rx Women

200 Double Unders

30 Pistols

100 Air Squats

30 Deadlifts 315/205

50 Plate Hopping Burpees

amrap of Muscle Ups (men on rings/ women on bar or rings)

*numbers are as partnership, one person works at a time

Rx Male:

200 Double Unders (you may substitute 600 singles; Partnership must choose one or the other for the whole team)

30 Box Jumps 24"

100 Air Squats

30 Deadlifts 225#

50 Plate Hopping Burpees

AMRAP of C2B Pullups


400 Single Unders

30 Box Jumps 20"

100 Air Squats

30 Deadlifts 135#

50 Plate Hopping Burpees

Amrap of Pull-ups

Standby for a video explaining the standards for all these movements. The judge will enter the time completed of each movement in the space provided.


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