How I got my first Pull-up!

November 6, 2020

This past week we had an awesome accomplishment of a goal that many people have. Kassy Beckstead got her first pull-up! I was lucky enough to be there when it all went down and I am so proud of this accomplishment. She has worked so hard and has been so consistent. It took longer than she wanted but now that she's got it, there's no looking back! Here's, in her own words, how it all went down:

"I was so excited to get my first pull-up! Like, stopped in the middle of the wod to call my husband to tell him, kind of excited. Like, couldn’t stop dancing out of pure happiness while working out kind of excited! Like, text your family and close friends the video of your accomplishment, kind of excited. But getting to the point of being able to do a pull-up, not so fun. When I first started Xfit I remember people saying it took some of them a year to get a pull-up. I thought 6 months tops and I’ll have it down. It took me five years. Five years where I would be giving my all, to frankly just not caring if I ever got my chin above the bar.
I’ve heard more than once different versions of “if you can dance like that during the wod, you’re not working hard enough." Or, “you work so much harder when you partner with your husband." I could do toes-to-bar, double-unders, and then later, rope climbs. I do none of these gracefully or in great numbers or rounds, and I was content with where I was with those movements. But I hated pull-ups being put in a wod I could otherwise RX and think why RX the other movements when I can’t do an RX pull-up?
I’d try every few months to see if I’d made any progress. None! Getting close at times, but not quite there. I’d wait a month or so to try again, not wanting the reminder that I still couldn’t do them. Then, this week coach Kannon warmed us up on pull-ups and gave us pointers on better BMU’s. “Bad cheerleader, hollow rock, feet together ears close to your arms, look at your toes, look at the bar,” he explained. I tried to put the words into action, all the while thinking it was a waste of time. "I can’t even do a pull-up!! Why am I even working on anything to do with BMU’s?!” I gripped the bar and thought I’d be the same few inches short of the bar, then I’ll start the wod and try again next month. But I found I was closer than I have been before. Dan said I was almost there, giving me pointers and encouraging me to try again. I was just shy of the bar again. I told my friend I was going to try one last time and she grabbed her phone. I tried again, “bad cheerleader, hollow rock, hollow hold.”All felt good was there! On my way back down I felt the bar with my chin. I was shocked! That took five years!
Small gains that I’d made lifting, trying to make it to the gym at least four days a week, and trying to push myself just a little bit harder did make a difference! It may have taken me five years, four years longer than most. But I did it! I’m so glad I didn’t quit and so grateful for the coaches and friends who wouldn’t let me!"

So proud of you Kassy and so happy you didn't give up and that you listened and put into action the things Coach Kannon and all the coaches at The Point try to teach.
The moral of this story is to never give up. There will be movements that all of us will struggle with but you only fail if you stop trying. Keep working. Keep improving.

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