Meal plan vs. Macro Counting

Shauna Mayer
November 29, 2020

Meal verses Macros- What is best for me? 

This is kind of like asking what is better? Cardio or weightlifting? Both are good and both can help you get fit. Some people prefer one over the other and it may fit into their lifestyle better. At the end of the day, having someone guide you will give you some sort of success and lead you to a healthier lifestyle. 

Choosing what is best depends on your personality and goals. We hope this may help clarify the difference between the two for you. 


“I enjoy macros because it gives me the freedom and flexibility to eat what I want. I can go to family functions or out with friends and eat. It gave me the tools and knowledge to make smart/better choices with a flexibility that is sustainable.” -Andrea Latham 

  1. Macro counting is sometimes called flexible dieting- You are free to eat whatever you want to hit your macronutrient goals for the day. There is a focus on food quality but we also want to help you to learn what to eat so you do not binge or burnout quickly.
  2. It helps hold you accountable to eating the right amount of food for you personally, specifically how much protein, fats and carbohydrates you should eat for your current age, weight and training load. More specifically, you can learn the right amount of macros you should eat to gain muscle, lose fat or what you should eat pre and post-workout.
  3. When tracking macros you learn what is in what you eat, better portion control and even sometimes when you should eat. You will learn proper serving sizes and common misconceptions you may have about food before you started tracking.
  4. It provides awareness of imbalances you might have with your current nutrition. Rotating and increasing your produce colors increases the amount of micronutrients you need.
  5. Macros can teach you a long term approach to eating. 

  1. You can have a social life and still meet your goals. 


“I needed something because I was so far off track, really I needed accountability, I needed someone who could make a meal plan for me because I do not do well left to my own devices.” -Leslie Faragher 

  1. Easy to follow, exact
  2. Lots of nutrient dense food
  3. A healthy eating plan gives your body the nutrients it needs every day while staying within your daily calorie goal for weight loss or muscle gain or whatever your specific goal may be.
  4. Takes out the stress and mental fatigue that can come with determining how to eat.
  5. Eliminates wasted food or the temptation to snack. 

As you can see, both methods can bring about success. One is not better than the other and it all comes down to what fits you and your personal goals. Starting something new is hard so don’t go at it alone. Ask one of the nutrition coaches at Point Fitness for guidance and to help put you on the path of success.

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