Operation Curls

November 6, 2020

Ok... we’ve got just over a week left in May and that much time left in our current promotion... making it simple with just sharing a post wasn’t challenging enough for you and therefore we didn’t get the 50 shares to get me that new hairdo so... commence..

From here until the end of the month if, we as a gym, are able to add 20 more new people to either the Group Fitness $99 promotion (found here: https://thepoint.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/ty66) or the CrossFit $199 promotion (Found here: https://thepoint.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/eea6), I will get these locks curled!

Two more things to get you motivated, the two bags below are still in play for the top two referral getters!

On top of that, anyone who brings in 5 or more referrals will get your next month membership fees comped!

Let's spread the good news about Point Fitness!

Also, thank you so much for everyone who has brought people in already this month... it’s been amazing.

Coach Dan
Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point

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