Salute The Point 2020

November 6, 2020

What is the Salute The Point Promotion?
This will be year 6 of the Salute The Point promotion. For the month of July we offer a deal that you all can offer to your friends and family. Many of you are aware of this because this is how you joined us!
There are two promotions running simultaneously:

  1. CrossFit
    $199 for 3 months of unlimited CrossFit classes. This includes access to our ongoing Foundations classes and any CrossFit class we offer.
  2. Group Fitness
    $99 for 3 months access to all of our group fitness classes. This includes: High Fitness, Burn (Bootcamp), Barre Fitness, and Myofascial Rolling.

This year we are adding an additional incentive for your friends. If, after they sign up, they attend 45 days within their first 3 months then they get their 4th month free! Or if they don't quite make it 45 days but get more than 25 days then they get 50% off their 4th month!

What's in it for you?
Besides the satisfaction of watching your friends and family get fit and healthy... We are running a referral contest during the month of July! The people with the most referrals by the end of the month will get some monster prizes!

1st Place (Worth $500): 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit), Our Point Fitness CSE Package: 1 Simply Vanilla Protein, 1 Brownie Batter Protein, 2 nut butters and a Perk Energy. Your next month membership free!
2nd Place: 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit) and your next month Membership free. $100 credit to the Point Fitness Store.
3rd Place: 1 Pair of your choice shoes ($200 limit) and your next month membership free. $50 credit to the Point Fitness Store.

Side Weekly Drawing
Starting Sunday, we will be posting a daily promotion post. They will look like this:

In order for you to win this weekly challenge you will need to share the post, comment on the post, and like the post. These will be on our Point Fitness accounts and CrossFit The Point accounts on Instagram and on Facebook. The more you like, share and comment the more entries you get into the weekly drawing.
On Sunday, I will do a Facebook Live and I will draw out the winner for that week at random.
The winner each week will receive a pair of shoes and any one product from the Point Fitness store.

In Conclusion
Check out this video to learn more!


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