The nutrition piece of the puzzle

Dan Adamson
November 8, 2020

Many of us do a really good job at getting into the gym every day and giving 100% while there. But what are we doing the other 23 hours of the day? While your 1 hour workout is super important, many of us will ruin all that hard work by not watching what we put into our bodies throughout the day.

The number 1 thing mentioned in CrossFit's "Fitness in 100 words" is "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat."

Why is nutrition important to our fitness progress? Nutrition is just as important as exercise in order for you to gain optimal health and wellness. Nutrition works hand-in-hand with exercise to help fuel your workouts. An easy analogy would be that nutrition is like the fuel you put in your vehicle to go. I'll go a step further and say that it's more than just your fuel but it is also your oil to help your body run smoothly and to recover well.

I, like many of you, have gone through cycles of healthy eating and then not so healthy eating. I can tell a huge difference in my recovery and my performance when I am putting into my body the nutrients and fuel that it needs to perform.

So what should you be eating in order to perform at your peak level? This can be a complicated question and it is usually different for each individual person. That is why I think it is important to experiment with yourself. The first thing you can do immediately is start recording the food you are eating. Every little thing you put in your body, record it! With the technology we have, it makes it super easy to do this. I usually use MyFitnessPal to record my stuff and it has every thing imaginable to choose from in there. It also includes a bar scanner that you can scan packaging and it gives you the exact macro and micro nutrients that you are putting into your body.

After you have recorded what you have eaten over a period of time, 2-4 weeks, you can then start to do some adding and subtracting from your diet and test what brings you more energy, helps you sleep better, and helps you feel better overall. I think this is a great place to start. It's super simple to do but it's still something that many of us struggle with.

There are many reasons to why we might struggle. Many of us think it is too much work to food prep and prepare every meal. While it is true that it does take some work on our end and it does take some changing of habits, I believe we will all agree that it's worth it if it makes us feel better.

The number 1 reason I believe we struggle is that we have no idea where to start. We have no guidance and we are lost when it comes to changing our diet. This is something that I believe we can help you with.

Point Fitness has a team of nutrition coaches who provide the guidance and accountability you need to be successful. This team of coaches will provide you with not only the motivation but also a step by step process that will put you on the path of success. I want to introduce you to the team and I also asked each of them to shoot me a little bit about their processes to help you decide if one of them might be what you have been looking for to help you get started.

Any plans below can be purchased through your PushPress member's app. I'll also include the individual links to sign up for those who are not currently Point Fitness members.

Coach Kim Trupp
Spots available: 2
Initial first month consultation: $300 (Link)
Month to month after first month: $100

"I like to start people out with a meal plan for the first month (at a minimum). It's very detailed and takes very little thinking on your part, but a lot of effort. It doesn't allow for a lot of flexibility, because that is not what you're needing or asking for. Depending on the progress of the first month I typically start adding in macro counting days here and there. It is my goal by the end of the third month to have clients into full macros. And within 6-8 months eating intuitively - and giving your body what it nees based off of performance or aesthetics (whatever your goals are)."

Coach Kannon Howerton
Spots available: 5
Initial first month Nutrition coaching: $200 (Link)
Month to month Nutrition coaching: $100

"I offer a customizable seven day meal plan with macro breakdown and weekly check-ins to make any wanted/needed adjustments to their plan. Sleep and self care is an important part of the process so we also address both of those things in our check-ins.
When clients first start they will get an initial setup email to find out allergies and food likes and dislikes and preferences on when they like to eat. I try to make this as detailed as possible so that when they get their plans it is full of things they like eating which makes it easier to stick with."

Coach Jamie Hardman
Spots available: 3
Initial 8-week Meal Plan: $300 (Link)
Month to month Macros and accountability: $100

"I do macro based meal plans in a 7 day format clients follow for 8 weeks. Depending on their size the average weight loss we see is 10-20 pounds! I don’t do any fad diets, no pills, no smoothies for every meal, and I don’t take out any food groups. Meal plans are customized to include recipes, a shopping list, and foods they’ll love to will help them smash their goals! Client check-ins are once a week with pictures and scale weight for accountability for all 8 weeks."

Coach Shauna Mayer
Spots available: 3
Initial $250 for first 6 weeks
Different prices going forward month to month.
To get started with Shauna, email her at:

"The cost is $200 for 6 weeks. This will include initial assessment and intake form. We will have a 45 minute to 1 hour conversation to go over macro prescription and make goals. Each week after we will chat weekly for 15-20 minutes to continue progress toward goals. After the 6 weeks they have the option of continuing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly."

For years we have provided top notch training at CrossFit The Point/Point Fitness and now I am so excited that we are able to provide nutrition coaches of this caliber. I believe in all of these coaches and I hope that you will use them to help reach your health and wellness goals.

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