Wednesday Trainer Spotlight 3.22.2017

November 6, 2020

Coach Amber Kaye Smith

1. How long have you been at The Point?

Well, I was Dan’s first member when he opened up the point. He was my coach at Cedar Ridge Crossfit and when he decided to open his own… OF COURSE I had to go with him!

2. What do you do for a living?

I am an accountant for Wadsworth Brothers Construction

3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?

I live at the base of Provo Canyon and love the hikes and fishing that the canyon has to offer!

4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?

I have to say… the best part about my crossfit journey was to attend level 1 crossfit certification. I went to Crossfit Park City and Chris Spealer was incredible, during the lunch breaks of certification we got to watch some games athletes workout. It was incredible and inspiring.

5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?

Lots of people that I have talked to about crossfit have told me they feel like they need to get into shape before they start crossfit. I wish I was told that I could do it LONG before I started… Anyone can do crossfit at anytime. Show up and give it your all!

6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?

Deadlift is my movement, i think because I hold the record at the gym and refuse to give it up... ;)

7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?

Grace!! Because it’s the most fun!

8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?

I am working with a knee injury, but my goals are to get my butt back to regular classes and continue making progress with weightloss and overall fitness

9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?

I had never heard of Crossfit, when my sister said she was opening a gym I thought well… Why not. I wasn’t sure that it would be something that I would stick with, but with incredible coaches like Dan and Matt I was able to overcome some large hurtles in my path and get moving. I struggle with the runs but could kick butt with the weights, so I found myself keeping up with the class. The one thing that I love about crossfit is there is always something that you are good at, and even if some of the movements are a weakness I could always find joy in the lifts cause I am strong and could get the weight up.

10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far.

It has saved me. Truly… The community alone is the best hug in the world on a rough day! Just walking into the gym and having all your people with you there working on themselves too, it’s a magical feeling. I have been to several gym’s in the past, and I have to admit… there is NO GYM LIKE CROSSFIT THE POINT. The memebers, YOU members make crossfit not only fun, but you keep people feeling wanted and staying motivated. I love you all, I love watching your progress in the gym. Your coaches love you and they love seeing your progress. We love celebrating your large and small victories with you. We have the best coaches in the world in my opinion. Dan, Dave, Emily, and Aubrey, as the owners of the gym, always supply us with the best equipment and help us get the best training out there! Members & Coaches…Thank you for all you do to make our home the best there is! My love to all!

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